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Hi, I’m Ed

PP number: PP685


Name: Ed


Species: Senegal Parrot


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £100





Hi folks, my name is Ed and I’m a gorgeous Sennie. I heard that I was aged around 22, but that means nothing to me. Apparently this is my chance to show you lot what you would be missing if you passed me by, and you’d be missing the chance of a lifetime, let me tell you. You can find more pics and videos of me if you go to the Problem Parrots Extra page on Facebook – just search #Ed – go on, you know you want to!

Ok so I spent my formative years with a lovely couple who just got a bit too old to cope with all that living with a beautiful bird entails. I loved them very much indeed but I know that they did the best thing for me in giving me up to this wonderful rescue, which looks after birds like me and finds them great new homes. I had a great safe house first time round and my SH mum was very fond of me. I was found a lovely home but unfortunately after a few years the little boy that I shared a home with became poorly and it was because his body didn’t like feathers too much that I find myself back in the charity, so it really isn’t my fault at all, I’m a fully feathered, well behaved boy. I don’t mind too much cos I’m having quite a good time here and my SH family can’t believe how good a boy I am…..and I am too, very good. I’m not too keen on other birds though, they seem to see me as a threat. I used to live with a CAG and we were never allowed out together as we were always clashing beaks through the bars of the cage. My diet wasn’t the best, as I was having a pet shop mix that I enjoyed but it’s apparently not good for my health, whatever that is. I’m pretty good at eating though, I’ll have a go at most things.

Current Presentation:
Well I’m not too fussy, I don’t care if you’re male or female as long as you give me tickles. I haven’t really had too much to do with younger people as I didn’t come out of my cage when the youngsters in my last home were up. I love my SH mum and dad, but I’m less keen on their son and daughter, I’m not sure why, I’m just not sure about them. I love nothing more than shoulder surf or sit on your knee having lots of tickles and scratches. I will show you exactly where I want a scratch too. I’m not too keen on having a shower, I prefer to have a bath, preferably in my water bowl, I don’t know why anybody makes a fuss when my water has gone after only 5 minutes, there seems to be plenty of it… I go to bed later than the big birds so that I can have some one on one time indoors without any big beaks interrupting. I go to bed quite late atm, around 10pm and I get up around 10am so that I get my beauty sleep, I’m not sure that I need that though cos everyone tells me how beautiful I am…..and I really am. If I’m in my cage whilst it’s being cleaned out I like to watch what you’re doing, unless I’m still having my breakfast, and I’ll just move out of the way if you need to get to something, SH mum says she’s never known such a good boy for that. I step up beautifully, but between you and me I might not bother if I’m busy doing something else, I’m not keen on sticks at all, I prefer your arm. I do like to fly up and sit on the curtain poles so I can see all around, but guess what? If you hold out your arm and call me down I’ll come. SH mum says that’s quite a novelty, so I guess I’m a pretty good boy. I do play occasionally, I’ll twiddle bits of rope but I’m not too bothered about chewing stuff so your stuff is safe with me. My SH family say I’m very quiet, for a parrot. I do make a bit of noise occasionally, but it’s a lovely sound and it’s only if I’m cross or scared of something e.g I don’t like gloves when I’m being cleaned out and I don’t like the bigger birds coming near my cage, but otherwise I’m pretty quiet. I love love love having my head tickled, I can sit still all day if you tickle me.

I have learned to come down when my name is called, which is pretty impressive I think. I am quite a snugglebum so my SH mum thinks with a bit of time I would be quite happy to wear a harness and go out and about on your shoulder. I don’t really need much work cos I’m pretty perfect as I am. I’m happy to be put back into my cage and I’m happy to be taken out, just pop your hand inside and I’ll jump on. If you do want me to do something and I’m too busy to do it you can always get a pine nut or maybe a piece of walnut and I’ll come that bit quicker.

Since I arrived here I’ve learned that sprouted seeds are really really yummy and I leap on those in the morning when they arrive with my chop. There’s always stuff in chop that’s yuk and stuff that’s yummy, sometimes I forget which is which and the yukky stuff becomes my fave. I do have a fondness for apple, cucumber, pomegranate and broccoli and if you want to throw a few peas in I really like those. I have a mixture of Lean and Fit and Tidymix for parrots, I’m pretty easy going….greedy I think they said….. I like both and sometimes I get a piece of toast with coconut oil on for a special treat… I have something called Roudybush pellets in my cage but I’m not really sure what to do with them.


I have a toy that came from my first home, I don’t really play much with it but I do like it to be in my cage where I can see it. My SH mum made me a hoop that hangs from the top of my cage, it’s good for my balance and I do like to walk around it and preen the bits that dangle from it. Because I’m not too keen on the other birds I get the small aviary to myself for 3 or 4 hours a day. I wasn’t sure at first because there were lots of loud and noisy baby birds in the garden, but they can’t get near me and it’s really interesting watching their antics now. SH mum says I need the exercise as I fly like a brick and need to shift a bit of podge, I’m getting better at it though and would appreciate the opportunity to get lots of exercise in future because it’s not as bad as it first seemed. There’s always someone to talk to in the aviary as the grownups are in and out all the time and the bigger birds are in the bigger bit of aviary so I can talk to them without being worried about what they’re up to. Things just appear too so it’s not always the same, there’s a tree appeared one day that I can climb on and sometimes there are green things hanging in bunches, I thought they were for preening but they taste quite nice too. I tend to mooch about on the ropes and watch all the activity in the garden, but boy do I get exercise when it’s time to go back in. SH mum says that I’m a bit of a bugger (I don’t know what that means, but I think it’s good because she’s always laughing when she says it) cos she has to chase me around as I never want to come back inside.

Ed is an absolute joy to live with, he’s a really easy bird to care for. He will try most foods and is happiest when he’s out of his cage and getting attention, he absolutely loves tickles. He also loves being outside in the aviary. I don’t know how he would be with young children as he hasn’t had the opportunity to interact with them. He’s a very easy going and laid back bird and shows no aggressive tendencies at all, although he has given the occasional small warning nip to my son and daughter. He doesn’t interact with the other birds in the household and appears to be afraid of the bigger birds so he would probably prefer to be an only bird. Although he is a smaller bird he has a massive personality and oozes charm. He can be a little chatterbox at times


 Location:  Lancashire

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