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Hi, I’m dylan

PP number: PP1335





Species: Orange winged Amazon


Adoption fee: £ 300



Hello everyone Dylan  here I am an orange wing Amazon I have been in the charity for some time and
came back in due to no fault of my own.
We are unsure of Dylans age but believe he is male but not confirmed.


Current Presentation:

I’m currently in a safehouse where its female and there are no males around, but I have been in a previous home where there was male and I was ok, there are children that come round to my safehouse and I don’t seem to be worried about these.im fine with other animals been around well furry ones are always out the way when I’m out so I’m safe. I have been around other birds and I’m fine with these as long as they aren’t green species doesn’t matter I will protect them and attack you but I’m fine with every other bird been  around and haven’t been know to attack humans. I did live with a macaw and I have picked their scream/shout up so I can be noisy in the morning and sometimes in the evening but this is not for long. I don’t mind been sprayed. I do love been out of my cage I’m use to been out all day and only been cage for bedtime. I speak very well and do like company also, I don’t mind been left but I do like to be out of my  cage if its safe for this to happen.
I will step up, I can sometimes take a little while to get back into my cage if I’m not ready but
normally I will take myself back into my cage.
I can be destructive if I’m left and will have a chew on wood if I can. I do like a cuddle but not too much again as long as there are no green birds around.



Not really done any training as Dylan steps up. however i think he would love to learn some new things.



Dylan has fresh veg and fruit daily as the main part of his diet. Seed he has either tidymix ,as30
no peanut no sunflower mix.
The odd nuts as a treat.



I do love wooden toys and anything I can chew i.e cardboard boxes, paper.
Dylan has been known to have a harness on before but not worn on in sometime maybe with
a little training time and patience he may be able to wear one again.
I do like the radio or TV left on if my safehouse pops out, I also love to communicate with the
other birds in the safehouse that is in the other room. We find this great fun to reply to each



Dylan needs a home where there is no green birds of any sort as I will protect them or attack the
humans that are around. someone that is about to have me out all day as this is what I'm use to
and I love and only been caged at bedtime or short periods. Dylan loves to have a chat with you
and blows kisses but can have moments where he can be loud but this is only for a short period
of time. Dylans a lovable whos looking for his forever home x




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