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Hi, I’m Doris

PP number: PP1237


Name: Doris


Species: Alexandrine


Adoption fee: £175





I am a 2 year old female who just loves men, although I will try to be good for females too.  I love head and chin tickles from my safe house dad and will step up onto his arm but only when I am out of my cage.


I  belonged to a man for 2 years but now I need a new home through no fault of my own. They also had a dog and I sound just like it.


Current Presentation:

I am very healthy with beautiful feathers and bright eyes.



I can step up and I will take treats from you very gently. I am learning to fly safely too!



I love my food and right now I am eating Johnson and Jeff dry food. I really enjoy vegetables of all kinds but I’m not keen on any fruit, although I have been known to nibble on a bit of apple. Nuts aren’t very interesting either.



I have lots of toys that I like to play with, the swing is my favourite! I come out to play every day and get on well with my friend Georgie who is a blue fronted Amazon. There is also an Indian ringneck who is a bit scary. I love music and will happily sing along with you. But most of all, I love men.



Doris is a beautiful placid girl who craves attention. She is happy playing in or out of her cage with her toys. She does love sitting on top of her cage and playing. She likes to be covered up at night when it is bed time, usually about 8pm.

Location: Wigan

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