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Hi, We are Doris & Arthur

PP number: PP1053 & PP1054


Name: Doris & Arthur


Species: African Grey


Cage supplied: No. Needs a large or double cage


Adoption fee: CITES


Hello, our names are Doris & Arthur, we are a bonded (although not bonded for breeding) pair of greys, we just like each other’s company and would like to stay together. We also are not confirmed as being male and female.

Originally we came from a home of someone who kept 6 of us as aviary birds in a shed for many years, then we all had to be split up as the human sadly passed away, we then went to a lovely home where we were both together without the others and we’ve been in a cage together with that owner for the past 7 years, but the lady was too busy with work commitments to give us the interaction we deserved, so she decided it wasn’t fair on us to just have a life in a cage on our own.

Current Presentation:
Our current safe house where we are now has other greys in the aviary and in the daytime we are all let out, but we are too shy to mix at the moment with the humans and all the other greys that are here.

Our human contact is limited at the minute, but they do not give up trying, when the male human puts our food and water bowls in, we do not scream, but we do move to the back of our cage and growl, we only scream if he tries to get us to step up. I’m not sure what they want from us yet, but they’re always talking and they don’t give up trying to interact with us. Our cage is cleaned everyday and we don’t enjoy this much and we mess it up again with all this cardboard to chew on, but human keeps saying “Sorry it has to be done”, so I guess we’d better get used to it.
We would need a very experienced bird handler to take us on I’m afraid and we would like to stay together.

We are currently on a Harrisons pellet mix mixed with a seed mix with no sunflower seeds or monkey nuts in it, as we are told these are not good for us, we have a diet of freshly cut fruit and nut mix in the morning and at tea time we have a freshly cooked mixture of fresh vegetables and we have fresh water and seed mix in our cages anytime we need it.

We have a massive double cage that is split into two halves with us in one side and a couple of greys in the other side. We have entertainment where we are now and the humans seem to want to get friendly with us, but we are really not used to being touched, so we can scream rather loudly if they try. The humans also have a large outdoor aviary which I think we’d enjoy once the weather turns nice enough to go out there and mingle with the other greys and try to make friends, but for now we have a big play room with toys to play with and a large kitchen area if we want to go with the other birds and mess up that room too

Arthur does not like humans much and will bite if handled, He does whistle sometimes but coming from an aviary with very little contact this is totally expected. Doris likes to wolf whistle a lot and is the more, forthcoming of the two, but I chose these words carefully. My new owners would have to have knowledge of parrots and would need to be confident in handling them while still trying to let them have the fun life they deserve. We also get a full 12 hours covered sleep at night.


Location: Mablethorpe

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