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We are Donald & Noodles

PP number: PP134/35


Name: Donald & Noodles


Species: Quaker & Plum Headed Parakeet


Adoption fee: Price on application





Hi we are the lovable Donald and Noodles. As you can see we are super cute and extremely funny. Well we think we are!


We were adopted many years ago but due to no fault of our own, we need a new home.


Current presentation
Well what can we say? We are fully feathered and just the most lovely looking odd couple.


We don’t need much training, although Noodles could do with some elocution lessons. Noodles can be a little bit naughty but with some further training and lots of time and patience then it will all come together.


We will eat anything!! We love our seed mix, chop and sprouting seeds.


We love nothing better than flying around together and perching on someone’s shoulder whistling in their ears. Although we do have some toys to play with, we prefer human company. But if you provided us with small toys and maybe a cardboard box, we may just venture inside.


Well what can I say about these two?
Donald is the cheeky one. He loves attention and is a massive attention seeker. Where ever noodles goes Donald follows. He loves to be close to her, but unfortunately for Donald, the feeling is not mutual although she does love him. Donald does the odd whistle but doesn’t talk.. only because he is lazy. In fact let’s talk about lazy, Donald doesn’t like to preen when he is moulting so you have to do his pins for him. He is happy to lie on his back in the palm of your hands and let you do it for him. Noodles is very much prim and proper. She is clean and tidy and likes her own space. She is quite happy sitting on your shoulder but no cuddles or scritches. She will whistle laurel and Hardy tune, wolf whistle and tell you she is a good boy even though she is actually a girl. They are very much like chalk and cheese but also like William and Kate in the parrot world. They come as a couple and can not be separated. If one can’t see the other they start to panic. They are lovely, and full of comedy that you will fall in love with. If you think you can offer these two bundles of joy and loving, happy forever home then get in touch and apply.

 Location:  Stoke on Trent

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