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Hi, I am Dolly

PP number: PP619


Name: Dolly


Species: Umbrella Cockatoo


Adoption fee: £400


Cage Supplied: Yes, a large double cage



Hi, I’m Dolly, an Umbrella Cockatoo. I am believed to be around 15 years old but this is not known for certain.



I came back into Problem Parrots through no fault of my own. I was adopted many years ago, but because of personal issues, my previous carer made the difficult decision to return me to the charity.


Current Presentation: 

As you can see from my photos, I have plucked some feathers on my chest and back. I have also barbered my wings, which means that I cannot fly. I have also had two broken wings in the past which did not heal correctly, so I will never be able to fly.



I will need ongoing training to step up as I will only do so when I choose to. I have a tendency to become hormonal, overbond, and to bite, so it is important that my carer is wary of these unwanted behaviours. Training is required to help me overcome these problems.



I eat a seed mix called AS30, I do enjoy eating that but I don’t get too much. I also love a big bowl of chop, I will get my beak right into that. I love some scrambled egg mixed into my chop every day. I do love a grape and can peel the skin off one perfectly and with precision.



I love a chunk of wood to split and strip into tiny pieces for you to clean up. I do enjoy a game of catch with a little ball but only on my terms. I love egg boxes to shred too, but I should not be given bigger boxes as I will make a nest in them and protect them with my life!



Dolly is a lovely bird, but can be difficult to care for. She can be very loving and likes to snuggle. She is a gentle soul who is happy to entertain herself. She does enjoy being out of her cage but must be supervised at all times or she may chew your sofa, table legs and guitar stands!

Dolly has been somewhat difficult to safehouse as she can be unpredictable at times. She is a loud bird and likes to have a good shout whether she’s happy, sad, or even if she has seen a fly! If you have neighbours joined onto your house, they will hear her as she is very vocal and her noises can be continuous. Overall, Dolly is a loving girl but she can be unpredictable and likes the sound of her own voice!

If you think you could give Dolly the experienced and loving home she needs, please do not hesitate to apply.


Location: Stoke-on-Trent

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