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Hi, I’m Diesel

PP number: PP1367


Name: Diesel


Species: Mealy Amazon


Adoption fee: £300


Cage supplied: Yes, but could do with an upgrade



Hi, I’m Diesel, a Mealy Amazon parrot who is around 55 years young! I am a handsome boy and I am very quick to learn new things. With a little time and patience, I have the potential to make a fantastic companion.



I have had a long and interesting life! I lived in a school for around 10 years helping children to learn about animals. My previous owner tried to trace my origins and it’s thought that I hatched in America and then shipped to Holland before then arriving in the UK. We are not sure on the dates of all of this though. I have thrived since coming into the charity and have made great progress in my safehouse.


Current Presentation: 

My feather condition has improved a lot while I have been with Problem Parrots. I now look like a very handsome boy, if I do say so myself!



I am having ongoing training to learn to step up reliably. I will step up on command if guided with a blanket and will go back to my cage easily. I will need continued training and positive reinforcement.



I like to eat a varied diet of AS30 seed mix, as well as a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables.



I like to chew up cardboard tubes or boxes and I have lots of toys, but my favourite thing is to look wistfully out of the window and watch the world go by.



Diesel currently lives in a house where people are home all day. He loves people being around and can get quite vocal if he is left alone, so would benefit from being in the main living area of the house around people. Diesel needs ongoing training and positive reinforcement to help him flourish. He is usually a fairly calm bird who loves his head tickles and loves playing ‘touch’, where he will put his foot on your finger.

Diesel will make a fantastic companion for someone. He needs to be rehoused with someone who is at home most of the day and can give him the one-on-one love and attention he deserves. Diesel is not friendly to other parrots, so he would be best suited to a forever home with no other birds. Diesel has been around men and women in the past, but seems to have a slight preference for women. We have been told that he can be afraid of some men. Diesel is a parrot with a truly unique story to tell; he is a well-travelled bird who has a huge amount to give to the right family.




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