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Hi, I’m Diesel

PP number: PP1367


Name: Diesel



Mealy amazon


Adoption fee: £300



Hi, I’m Diesel a Mealy Amazon and around 55 years young! I love spending time out of my
cage, looking out of the window watching the world go by.



I’ve been in a school for about the last 10 years now helping children to learn about
animals. My previous owner tried to trace my origins and it’s thought that I was born in
America and then shipped to Holland before then arriving in the UK. We are not sure on
the dates of all of this though.


Current Presentation: 

Diesel loves to spend time out of his cage. He’s an older boy who loves watching out of
the window to see what’s going on around him. He loves his bell and will come to you if
you are holding it. He can be loud at times, especially if he’s after your attention!



Ongoing work is needed around stepping up. Diesel will occasionally step up when asked but isn’t
consistent with this.



Diesel is quite fussy about his food. He needs to be tried with lots of new foods. He seems to prefer fruit to vegetables, although his safe house do keep
encouraging him to eat veg. Diesel is currently on Johnsons and Jeff lean parrot food.



Diesel loves to spend time chewing things he shouldn’t be! So he does need to be watched with this He enjoys spending time with
people, throwing things around for his human to pick up! He has had new toys introduced, but these need introducing slowly as Diesel doesn’t really like new things.



Diesel is an older boy who is content to sit by the window and watch the world go by. He enjoys spending time with people and interacting with them.
He goes to bed around 20.30-21.00 and sleeps for around 12 hours, he is covered. He can be a little grumpy in the mornings, but he perks up from around 11.00 and then loves to chatter away. Diesel shows no preference between men, women or children in his safe house. But it is believed that he does not like big men as he appears afraid of them.


 Location: Wolverhampton

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