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Hi, I’m Deedee

PP number: PP773


Name: Deedee


Species: Timneh African Grey


Adoption fee: £300



Hi everyone, my name is DeeDee and I am quite a quiet bird. I like to make the occasional noise but otherwise I very placid. I can talk, although it is hard to hear what he is saying most of the time as I am quite quiet like I said! I have a few choice phrases I like to use but otherwise you won’t hear much from me. I do like to whistle now and again, and I am copying safehouse Dads whistles at the moment. He is trying to teach me the Adams Family and the theme tune from Harry Potter!

I like to blow kisses, make noises like someone is opening a can of pop and I can also make a noise that sounds like running water.

I prefer women to men, safehouse Dad keeps trying to get me to step up but I just back off. Safehouse mum however, every time I see her I get all excited and run over to her. Although I have not stepped up yet I think I might be brave enough to do it with the right lady!


Current Presentation:

I have red factor on top of my head and on the side of my neck. It might be a bit itchy as I pick at it a little bit, however pretty much all of my feathers are there, and you wouldn’t be able to tell unless you look closely. Safehouse dad has a nice shower spray that he gives me every other day which I absolutely love, it also helps to keep the itching to a minimum.

Other than that, all my feathers are there, I keep myself preened and in tip top condition and I am very presentable if I do say so myself.



Safehouse Dad has tried numerous different things to get me to step up but I just won’t! He has also tried a clicker, but I just gave him a puzzled look and walked off. I will take cardboard and chew toys from safehouse Dad so I am always entertained. Safehouse Dad has been trying to teach me different things like “night night” when its time to go in my cage (which I now understand and do) as well as other things he seems to think are important like “bath time” (I do love a shower or a bath!).



I am very picky, Safehouse Dad has tried all kinds of different pellets but I just hate them and wont touch them. Unless they are the only thing available, it’s a no from me! Safehouse Dad has me on AS30 at the moment. He supplements this with a piece of fruit everyday (I like Grapes, Apple, Pear and Banana) and I he gives me vegetables every evening. I don’t really like the vegetables but if I am hungry I will eat some of them at least (especially broccoli, and the odd carrot, and maybe sugersnap peas!).



I am out of my cage everyday, and although there are toys available to me, and I can fly around the room and go on the play stand, I don’t. I like to stand on top of my cage and make you bring toys to me, I need someone around who is willing to be my chef, butler and maid all in one.

If you are there to keep me entertained, talk to me and hand me toys I will love you forever!



I am a truly pleasant Parrot and with a little bit of training and love I think I will be an absolutely fantastic companion. I am a bit stubborn so you will need to persist with me if you want me to do something. I am in good health and am low maintenance.


Location: Warrington

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