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Hi, I’m Crazy Dave

PP number: PP1168


Name: Crazy Dave


Species: Ducorps Cocktatoo


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: £250





My name is Dave. I don’t know how old I am and I am told I male. I will tell you more about me in my history.



I have little to no information about my history and background.


Current Presentation:

I came to my safehouse family and met 16 year old Chris whom I like very much, I don’t mind him scratching me, 13 year old Tiana she’s okay, and Holly the one who cares for me I am nervous about, but I have let her scratch me a few times and Mark who wears glasses, not sure I like those at all.  I am plucked from my neck to my butt. I can fly but prefer to spend all day sitting on my perch outside my cage. I can be very loud with my screeches and screams. I feel very calm and comfortable here. I’m on AS 30 but will only pick out sunflower seeds. I’m offered chop everyday but refuse to eat any of it. I’m in need of a bigger cage, for a bigger bird.  There is a black headed caique who lives in the same house but in separate rooms and we have not seen each other. I have not attempted to bathe but I do get misted everyday, and I hate it and run away when you try to spray me. I like to chew paper and cardboard (especially newspaper), I enjoy making my little sounds and boops. I usually wake around 7am when the curtains are open and when the cage door is opened. I go to bed around 10pm. I like to sit outside on my perch, I don’t mind hands cleaning out my cage. I like to chew on my hanging wooden toy blocks, I love to use my beak. I’m a hands off bird and enjoy people in the room if they’re not touching me.



He needs step up training, which is very hard because he doesn’t like hands or physical contact. He won’t take any food/treats from you by hand.



My diet is AS 30, out of which I only pick out the sunflower seeds and throw the rest on the floor. I refuse to eat chop.



His favourite toys are the wooden blocks because he enjoys chewing/using his beak. He also enjoys shredding newspaper and biting cardboard.



In summary, Dave needs a lot of work. Changes stress him easily and does lead him to plucking and over preening. He is going to pick whoever he wants to be his main carer, so right now, we don’t know if that’s a man or a woman.


 Location:  South Wales

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