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Hi, I’m Crazy Dave

PP number: PP1168


Name: Crazy Dave


Species: Ducorps Cocktatoo


Adoption fee: Price on application




Introduction (Updated)

Dave has settled really well in the short time he has been with us. He is such a loving bird. We all have a fantastic bond with him.  He loves a full house and enjoys all the attention even from my children.  He hasn’t shown any preference to men or women and allows everyone to approach him to give him head tickles. Dave has a very strong bond with his safehouse mum and will follow her everywhere.  He loves to explore and is always walking about the livingroom and will even venture upstairs. Dave now loves all fruit and veg which is amazing and a big achievement for him as he was very fussy when he first came to us.



I have little to no information about my history and background.


Current Presentation:

I came to my current safehouse not so long ago and I met my safehouse mum, dad, and the younger humans. I love them all very much, but I don’t let my safehouse mum Lucy out my sight and will follow her everywhere even upstairs lol. Even though I still looked plucked since being here I’m too busy to pluck my feathers and mum sprays me very often sometimes with magic water it contains aloe vera juice, they all tell me I’m handsome. I now love all my fresh food but fruit is limited as mum says too much sugar not good for me and I still have my AS30 seed at night. I love head tickles from everyone, and am no longer scared of hands, I love being out cage all day with plenty interaction from humans.



Dave has started to learn to step up/ down but puts one foot up / down then changes his mind but this is still continuing progress. Dave will happily take food/ treats from everyone’s hands, fly’s over to us for head tickles and cuddles.



Mainly fresh veg with limited fruit, AS30 seed



Dave has come on amazing in short time his been here, he has stopped plucking & he gets sprayed regular and is also sprayed every other day with diluted aloe Vera Juice. Dave loves everyone and is no longer frightened of hands, he accepts head tickles, cuddles from us all. Dave needs to be only bird has he doesn’t like other birds. Dave also needs someone home all the time so he can be out cage with loads interaction as this helps him not to pluck his feathers.

 Location:  South Wales

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