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Hi, I’m Crazy

PP number: PP1241


Name: Crazy


Species: Alexandrine


Adoption fee: £175





Crazy by name, but not by nature. In fact, he’s a shy and nervous chap, who clearly hasn’t had the best experience with humans in the past. He will need lots of patience and understanding. He loves his cage, toys and food, as well as a stretch on top of his cage.



There isn’t much information about his time before coming to his safehouse. He has clearly come from a stressful environment, with not much out-of-cage time. Because of limited history, we’re not sure of his age.


Current Presentation:

Crazy came to his safe house quite plucked but is slowly beginning to grow his lovely green coat and tail. He likes to chirp and meow.



Crazy seems to have had little, to no, training, but he loves his food and will eat a pistachio out of your hand. His cage is his palace, and he keeps it tidy and in good shape. He is a bit intimidated going beyond his cage, but pops to the top for stretch and chirp. He has come on so much in the short time he has been at the safehouse, we are confident he will be exploring his surroundings in the future. Patience and treats will bring him along nicely with training.



He loves his food! He can be overprotective of his bowls by biting his cage, but is a warning, and has never hurt fingers. He is currently eating a mixture of tidy mix, fresh fruit and veg and a few nuts.



Crazy is a big fan of toys in his cage and loves different textures. He also gets great joy from pistachios, he will come and take one from your hands.



Crazy is a nervous but lovely boy, who has clearly not had the best start in life. He has a lovely character, and we know that with a loving and patient carer, he’ll come on leaps and bounds.


 Location:  Durham

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