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Hi, I’m Corky

PP number: PP1378


Name: corky


Species: Umbrella cockatoo


Adoption fee: £400



Hi I’m Corky and I’m a Beautiful Umbrella cockatoo, I’m believed to be around 40 years young.
Corky didn’t come from the best situation as his owner could no longer care for him so he spent a long time in a cage that wasn’t in great condition and not really suitable for corky. Corky didn’t have any toys or correct perches but was with another umbrella cockatoo but he had pulled all her feathers out and they didn’t really get along. Corky will need a new home with someone who has experience with nervous cockatoos and a lit of time and patience.



Not much is really known about Corky background other then his around 40.

Current Presentation:

Corky is a very nervous too and will come out of his cage if you leave the door open but he will wait for you to move away before he ventures out. If you walk towards Corky he will move away to the back of his cage either on top or inside so he feels safe , Corky isn’t yet fond of hands near him but this is slow work with him and all in his own time but he not shown any aggression towards us and will just move away from you. Corky will happily take a walnut from you and these seem to be his favourite. He has started to eat his fruit and veg but does prefer this in big chunks and not like chop.
Corky will happily sit on top of his cage with some rolled up newspaper shredding it and is slowly taking more interest in the toys we have given him. So far corky has proven to be fairly quiet for a too but this maybe because he is still finding his confidence and gaining trust.



AS30 seed mix and daily fresh fruit and veg, soaking seeds



Corky didn’t have any toys so these are still new for him but he is showing more and more interest in the wooden ones and having a bit of a chew on then. Hos favourite is rolled up newspaper and will happily sit  and shred this for quite some time whilst chilling on top of his cage. He has ventured to the java tree and had a look at what food was available on there but will go back to his cage if we move. Corky can fly albeit not very well but he has a good go. He does have a big box in his cage full of paper and treats but has so far not been that interested in the box bit has pulled all the paper out to play with.



Corky will need a home with a lot of time and patience and some experience with cockatoos in helping
gain his trust and building his confidence. In time Corky has the potential to be an amazing life long



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