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Hi, I’m Corky

PP number: PP1125


Name: Corky


Species: Citron Crested Cockatoo


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: Cites





Hello ladies! I’m Corky, I’m a citron created cockatoo. As you can see, I’m a very handsome chap! I’m around 25 years old so in the prime of my life.


I was very well loved by my family but because of personal circumstances they had to hand me in to the charity to find a new home.


Current presentation
I’m a fully feathered stunner! I have all my flight feathers and do not pluck them. My crest is a vivid orange/yellow colour and I love showing it off.


I am learning slowly to step up and with more training I will get there. If I am pushed too far and don’t want to do it I may give a little warning nip. I will let my safehouse Mum stroke my head as long as there’s treats involved.


I’m eating tidy mix with some AS30 mixed in and enjoy it. I love all my fruit and veg and can’t get enough. I will do anything for a chunk of apple.


Boxes! Give me lots of boxes to play inside and chew my way out of them. Thats my favourite thing to do and I love it when my safehouse Mum hides treats inside for me to forage around for. I do love my safehouse Mum, we have a great relationship and I’m learning to trust her.


Corky is an amazingly handsome bird and boy! Does he know it. He will strut across the top of his cage with his crest high up and I’m sure he’s posing!
He is learning to go in his cage by himself at night time and he has his full 12 hours sleep. He has his flock call around 6pm but it only lasts a couple of minutes.
Corky does not like dogs, We also don’t have children here and he’s not a lover of small children.
He is super funny and loves to dance with you, he will sing his own song and will play by himself for hours in a box.
He does prefer female company, he will not even tolerate a male. Corky also doesn’t like other birds so a home where he’s on his own, or can be kept separate would be great.
He will make a lady a very happy settled bird, he is stunning and just wants his forever home

 Location:  Liverpool

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