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Hi, I’m cookie

PP number:







Medium sulpher crested cockatoo


Adoption fee: £300



Hi my name is cookie, I’m came into problem parrots due to no fault of my own. As you can see via pictures I am badly plucked..
But don’t let that put you of I am a beautiful boy and I am looking for my forever home.


Current Presentation:

Cookie came looking a sorry sight due to his self plucking but there is slight improvement in that
Cookie is still a nervous bird and will take a lot of care and attention to get him back to his previous glory
He shows a calm temperament though and will talk whistle and occasionally screech when he deems it necessary
He will use certain words in context too.



Because of his nervous nature we have been taking it easy with him
He will sit in his cage all day even with the door left open
He can be tempted out if you sit down and have some toast though
He still has a bit of a lunge every now and then but he loves his head tickled too.



Cookie loves his seed and nut mix(AS30)but is proving hard to get him to take any fruit and vegetables apart from apples and broccoli and dried banana pieces



Although his cage is adorned with a variety of toys Cookie isnt really interested in them bar strips of paper hung up for him to tear off and he will go and search for his apple if you hide it in one of his coconut shells



Cookie has a great character and will make a lovely companion to someone willing to put the time and effort in.
He is nervous with und but quite happy to tell them to Shut Up when they get noisy.






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