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Hi, I’m Cookie

PP number: PP1436


Name: Cookie



lesser sulphur crested cockatoo


Adoption fee: £275


Cookie needs a new cage, preferably with a flat top.


Hi everyone, my name is Cookie, I am a lesser sulphur crested cockatoo and I’m just a little old fella with a massive attitude. I am looking for a lovely lady to love me.



I came into problem parrots through no fault of my own. my owner passed away and the family made the hard decision to find me a new home.

Current Presentation:

I do have some feathers missing on my chest but I hope they grow back soon. My legs are a little naked too. I cant fly, I have been locked in my cage for many years so I’m not strong enough yet. my wings are a little raggy round the edges too where I have barbered them a bit too much. but since coming to my safehouse, I have stopped dong that so hopefully they’ll grow back and I can learn to fly.  I am also a little underweight as you can see my keel bone, but the food here is good so I should put some weight on.


I don’t step up yet as I have never been taught how to do it. I have been locked in my cage for a lot of years so this is all new to me. my safe house mam is learning me that hands are not going to hurt me and she has held me on her hand a few times now and I like it. she strokes my head and talks gently to me so I would like this to be ongoing.

I do take food from your fingers ever so gently, but if you don’t have anything to give me, I will give a little warning nip as I am really wary of hands.

with lots of time and patience I would love to learn to trust you, and be able to step up and spend quality time with you, so this is an ongoing thing I am learning here in safe house.


I do enjoy getting my beak into the chop here, its full of yummy stuff and I pick out the sweetcorn and peas, they’re my favourite. I enjoy my toast every morning, then at supper time I get Jeff and Johnston lean and fit seed mix with some nuts. I will try anything as it is all new to me.



I have never had any toys in my cage so this is all new to me. I have discovered I like to shred paper and chew soft wood blocks but I’m not quite strong enough yet to tackle the harder wood blocks yet. I now have a variety of toys in my cage which I am having a little taste of and maybe whack them with my beak but its all very new to me.

I do like sitting on top of the gate when my safehouse mam is next to it, she talks to me and gives me kisses on my beak which is all new to me but I like it.



I have had Cookie here for two weeks now and he has come such a long way in a short time. He was locked in his cage for many years with little to no interaction. he had no toys and was a very sad and depressed little soul. he had no shine in his eyes, his feathers were dull and raggy and he was a sorry little fella. He doesn’t come out of his cage very much but when he does, he explores the floor with gusto. He loves when I talk to him, he brightens up straight away, his crest comes up and he dances and chats to me. ‘allo Cookie’ is his favourite words, as well as ‘pretty pretty boy’.

Cookie will need lots of ongoing work, but he is really keen to learn and interact. I have found that I can touch his feet and move them onto my hand with the step up command in order to learn step up.

He has now stopped barbering his feathers and after a couple of good sprays, his feathers are nice and clean and he has left them alone.

Cookie loves his piece of toast every morning and will eagerly look for it and take it gently from you.

he has very little to no confidence, so this is an ongoing thing I am working on. He will not sit on your shoulder….yet! but he will sit in the crook of your arm with your hand covering his chest to stop him falling. his balance is pretty bad, and he will try to fly but hits the floor like a brick.

He doesn’t mind the dog sniffing round his cage when he is safely locked inside, and doesn’t mind my husband changing his papers or being near him. He also doesn’t mind the other birds here.

Cookie will need a female carer, in a quiet house. he is an old fella at 42yrs old, and would be a perfect family member for someone who wants a companion.



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