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Hi, I’m Cookie

PP number: PP1022


Name: Cookie


Species: Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: £250





Hi I’m cookie and I’m the most fabulous girl ever! They say I’m about 35yrs old but I’m young at heart.



I lived with my owner all my life, he was really good to me and loved me very much. He got really poorly and for the last five years he left me in my cage and I wasn’t allowed out. My cage had a big chain and padlock on and it rusted over time. I had no toys to play with but I could still chat to my owner. He went into hospital one day and I never saw him again so I was handed into problem parrots, who have taken good care of me. I need someone to be home during the day as I don’t like been left alone. I get really stressed out as I was locked in my old cage for a lot of years. I also prefer a male carer, I will tolerate females but I am definitely a mans bird.


Current presentation:

When I was collected I was dirty and had grime on my feathers, some of my feathers were snapped off and really tatty. But now after some love and care and lots of showers, I’m lovely and white and my feathers are growing back in and my crest is fabulous!



I’m learning to step up to different members of my safehouse family, I’m slowly learning to play with small foot toys and my safehouse Dad is going to start target training with me which I enjoy doing.



I will eat any seed mix, any fruit and veg…I will eat anything!! If it is allowed in my belly then I will eat it. I’m currently on AS30 and Tidymix, fresh fruits and veggies every day.



I have toys in a box that I play with on the table but I prefer a nice cardboard box to chew up. I love wooden blocks to rip apart and if I get a new box, I love special treats hidden in the box if there’s scrunched up papers in there too.



I’m bonding with my safehouse Dad as he reminds me of my old owner, but I will allow the women of the house to step me up and give me head tickles. I’m not sure of the tiny people who come to visit so I just ignore them. I’ve never seen a dog or a cat so I don’t know what I would be like with them sniffing round my cage. I love a good shower as it freshens my feathers and makes me even more beautiful.

I would love a family where I’m the only bird but I don’t mind other birds as long as they leave me alone. I would love a male carer mostly as I really miss my old owner. I love to sing and dance and my favourite thing of all time is skidding down the banister.

All in all I’m a sweetheart with a very loud voice who has a lot of love to give that special person.

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 Location:  Durham

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