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Hi, I’m Conker

PP number: PP902


Name: Conker


Species: Green Cheek Conure


Cage supplied: Yes but needs a new one


Adoption fee: £100


Description: Conker is a green cheeked conure around 4 years old. He hasn’t been dna sexed so we just call him a ‘he’. He came into the rescue as his owner had another bird and he and conker didn’t get along but in his safehouse he’s happily flying around with the other birds with no issues. He was very loving to his owner and she could do anything with him. He is the usual nippy conure but is so loving when he gets to know you.  He’s a curious little chap that likes to have a little fly around but doesnt go 2 far, and quite quickly flies back to his cage. Mostly loves to be around his humans though. Running around your lap or onto your shoulder to preen your hair. He isn’t a noisy bird, unless the Hoover is going. He absolutely loves his toy bells and heaven forbid anyone who touches them lol. He also likes to have a loo roll with a small bit of the paper left on. He doesnt like being sprayed but if you give himo a big enough bowl, he will bath in that. He loves to have a good splash! His diet is good, as he likes to try new things and will eat his fruit and veg. Also likes a bit of pasta and boiled egg. He is currently feed on AS30 and he does come with a cage but ideally does need a new one. He doesn’t show any preference to men or women but I’d be careful with young children as he can be nippy. Again, he just needs to get used to them.

Location: Wales

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