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Hi, I’m Conker

PP number: PP1721


Name: Conker


Species: Green Cheek Conure


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: £100





Hello everyone! My names Conker and I’m a Green Cheek Conure. I’ve been in my safehouse couple of weeks, I like it here except for mum keeps putting healthy food in my cage she calls fresh fruit & veg and she tells me its good for me. In my safehouse the res just my safehouse mum and a cockatiel. I love being out my cage all day, sh Mum says I’m a little escape artist but shes put me in another cage now and its not as easy to escape from. I don’t have my own cage so will need one but this one I’m currently calling home has loads toys and my little cardboard box which I love, sh mum hides treats in it for me.



Conker was previously going to be adopted but this change . So he is now still looking for his forever home.


Current Presentation:

Conker is a lovely little bird he likes being out cage all day, his not sure of fresh fruit & veg yet, but this is still being given daily. Conker doesn’t like humans too close and will just fly somewhere high, but he will happily sit on your head so this will need work . He hasn’t shown preference to male or female carer. His a great little bird though. Not too sure of being sprayed but does bath in water bowl (so needs changing regularly).



At present safehouse is still trying to get Conker to step up on hand or stick so this is something that would need to be continued.



Tidymix, offering fresh fruit & veg daily, frequent water change



Plenty toys, different sized / texture perches, loves small cardboard box with treats hidden inside, loads time out of cage.



Conker is a lovely  little bird that is quiet happy to fly about all day out cage, he does like his toys and cardboard box in his cage. He will sit on your head but doesn’t like to be touched. He eats his tidymix well but still isn’t too sure on any fresh fruit & veg so this has to be continued to be offered daily. Conker doesn’t mind  my cockatiel which is at safehouse but does tend to bully it when its eating. Conker is lovely little chap who whistles some lovely tunes. His not noisy at all and would fit in most homes but he doesn’t like big birds and not sure about little people.


 Location:  South Wales

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