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Hi, I’m Coco

PP number: PP1209


Name: Coco


Species: Blue Fronted Amazon


Adoption fee: £200





Coco is a sweet and gentle girl. We believe she is 8-10 years old. She prefers safe house mum although she does allow sh dad to give tickles.



Coco came into the charity through no fault of her own. She wasn’t keen on stepping up and didn’t play with toys. She had lots of pin feathers and her wing feathers looked frayed and damaged. She wouldn’t leave the cage and was very quiet and shy.

Current Presentation:

Coco has beautiful colours and feather condition has improved a lot. She’s a happy chatty little girl. She let’s me rub coconut oil on her beak and flaps her wings in the shower. Coco wolf whistles, laughs, sings, dances and says hello, hello coco, no, woo, weee, want a tickle and chatters on with her little self.



Coco steps up and steps down. Although some days she will back away. This will improve as she gains more confidence, which she is day by day. Coco flies from my hand to the java tree when I say “tree”. She sometimes flies back to me when I say “come coco”. This will also improve as she gains confidence. Taught her a game to get coconut oil on her beak called ‘get you’. I put oil on my finger and thumb tell her I’m gonna get you. She makes little noises as we beak wrestle. She has never bitten me hard enough to make a mark. She puts her head down for tickles.



Harrisons, nutriberries, fruit and veg, as30, nuts. Her favourite foods are corn on the cob (cut into disks), carrot slices, sugar snap peas, Brazil nuts, pistachios.



Coco was a little unsure of toys when she arrived but has started to play with a couple. She has a favourite toy called double dice. (scarletts) She has learnt what the foraging blocks are for, I put her favourites in this. She loves it when you sing and dance with her. She loves to sit under the uv light for a couple of hours. Coco goes to bed uncovered
at 8pm and wakes when I enter the room at 10am. (With it being a bit colder I cover the back and top of the cage, she doesn’t mind as long as she can see out the front of the cage).



Coco is such a sweet natured little girl. She does prefer women but hubby and teenage son can give tickles. She comes down the front of the cage and chats to my 3 year old grandson. She backs off if he puts his fingers in the cage. She isn’t cage aggressive. When my bird has landed on her cage she shouts no! She sits on your arm or shoulder and flaps her wings. When you walk in the room she chirps and chatters away, so excited to see you like you’ve been gone for hours. Her 2 favourite songs are twinkle twinkle and you are my sunshine. But she does sing and dance to anything. Coco would love a home where she could sit with you or shoulder surf while you potter around. She isn’t bothered about my dogs barking or the other birds. She laughs when you laugh and chatters away with the other birds. She talks to the postman through the window. She’s such a lovely, sweet bird.

 Location: Manchester

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