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Hi, I’m Coco

PP number: PP1209


Name: Coco


Species: Blue Fronted Amazon


Adoption fee: Price on application





Coco is a beautiful blue fronted amazon. Male, female and teenagers can give her tickles. Though she does prefer safehouse mum. Not tried children. My dogs barking don’t bother her. She wolf whistles, says hello and hello coco. She also laughs when you laugh and chatters away while you’re on the phone. when she came she was a bit unsure of the spray bottle, she’s a little better now. She loves to sit on your arm or shoulder whilst she flaps her wings.

Coco came into the charity due to no fault of her own. She’s a sweet natured little girl. We believe she’s 8-10 years old


Current Presentation:
She was mid moult but a lot of pin feathers have now gone with regular spraying. Her beak is still a little dry so needs coconut oil rubbing on it which she allows. She’s a happy little girl who craves interaction.


Learning to step up. This would need continuing as it’s on her terms. Puts head down for tickles. Taught her a game to put coconut oil on her beak. She likes you to ‘get her’ with your fingers and beak wrestle. Teaching her to fly to you when you call her. Again needs to be continued as only done it a few times.

Harrisons coarse pellets. She loves corn on the cob sugar snap peas and Brazil nuts


She’s a bit unsure of toys however she has started chewing one of the toys, ringing the bell occasionally and taking nuts out of the foraging blocks. She loves it when you sing to her. She has 12 hours 9pm-9am. She doesn’t have a cover.


When you walk in the room she chirps away so happy and excited to see you like you’ve been gone hours. Her 2 favourite songs are twinkle twinkle and you are my sunshine but she does enjoy just about any song you sing to her. She would love a home where she can sit with you all day while you go about your business. She would be quite happy shoulder surfing while you potter around.

 Location: Manchester

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