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Hi, I’m Coco

PP number: PP1331


Name: Coco


Species: Hahns Macaw


Adoption fee: £300




Hi everyone let me introduce myself my names Coco, I’m a Hahns Macaw. My safehouse mum & dad says im a lovely bird with loads of character, but mum says I’m 100% a man’s bird, I don’t mind mum feeding a cleaning my cage but I do get very vocal when she’s doing this, mum has tried loads of times to give me head tickles but I grab hold of her finger, I don’t bite her just warn her off. But Safehouse dad and small human boy I love them to bits, they spend most of the day in the room with me. I will happily fly to them and sit on their shoulders of arm then l will fly off untill I spot one of them go to the door I fly straight over to them to stop them going.

I love all my toys and enjoy shredding cardboard boxes and enjoy being sprayed. I love my food except that fresh stuff which mum tells me is good for me, bless her she’s tried always of doing it but I just don’t like it… still she puts it in every morning, cheeky mum even tried mixing it with my seed but I’m smarter then she thinks.

In Safehouse there are other birds, I’ve not met them but hear them, there is also a dog but again never see it but hear it barking. Love dried banana, shredded coconut and dried apricots. I wake at 8 am and go to bed at 8pm, I spend all day out of my cage with my best human company dad and the little human.



Came into problem parrots through no fault of my own.


Current Presentation:

Coco has been with us in safe housing for three weeks now, and has settled in lovely and has a great character, not very noisy, unless safehouse mum goes in the room to feed or clean cage but she doesn’t bite her. Coco 100% prefers males to females. Not bothered about dog barking. Coco steps up sometimes but if men are around she will just fly straight to them for head scratches. She enjoys the company of safe house son. Coco loves being out of her cage all day and will go from playing with toys or shredding boxes to sitting on the safe house male humans shoulder or arm, they do try to discourage shoulder surfing. Coco was slightly plucked but some feathers starting to come back now due to daily spraying and being kept busy with lost of human company. Coco still not interested in any form of fresh food but it’s still given daily.



Coco would benefit from some clicker training from a female in order to have interaction and one on one time.



AS30 also has small amount of hemp seed and milk thistle seed. Loved dried banana, dried apricot and shredded coconut.



Foraging toys, carboard to shred, different perches, loves ropes, enjoys being out of cage all day, loves male human company, enjoys finding treats hidden around the room and being sprayed.



Coco settled really well as soon as she came to the safe house but definitely a mans bird even likes small human boys. Tolerates safehouse mum, to feed and clean cage but doesn’t interact at all with her. Coco isn’t a very noisy bird she enjoys male human company but will also play with toy, etc for short periods.


 Location: South Wales

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