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Hi, I am Clyde

PP number: PP1433


Name: Clyde


Species: Indian Ringneck


Adoption fee: £100



Hi everyone, my name is Clyde, I am an Indian ring neck and extremely handsome as you can see.



Sadly, there is no history for me, but I have been with my previous owner for a year. She found me when I flew into her house and landed on her husbands’ shoulder. So, I stayed there until she found my owner but after a year, no one came forward for me. So, the decision to find me a new home was made.


Current Presentation:

I am fully feathered and can fly pretty good, so a home with plenty space for me to fly would be perfect.



Sadly, I have picked up some bad habits that my safe house Mum is trying to teach me better habits. I will try and eat food from your mouth or from your plate, but this is not allowed. So, I am slowly learning to stop doing this and I am being rewarded for the good stuff, like accepting head tickles which are more fun. I will need ongoing training to keep me away from your mouth and plate.

I also like to pick up your ornaments and drop them, so maybe lift them out of the way or distract me with a treat.



I have a really healthy diet here, but in the past, I had a bad diet. She gives me chop which consists of chopped veggies and a little bit of fruit. I enjoy this and get my beak covered in it.

I am always ready for my chop and get excited when I see the bowl coming.

My favourite thing to eat is scrambled egg with fresh herbs and pellets.



I am a bundle of fun and will pick up things but not really play with toys. I love my mirror and talk all the time to the handsome bird looking back at me. I love the ropes now and my safe house Mum made swings with hula hoops with rope round that I can swing on, and this is so much fun.  I’ve just discovered some bells as well which I enjoy making a noise with. I do love the children’s programmes on the television, I will sit all day watching these but I do have toys to play with so maybe not leave it on all day.



Clyde has come a long way since he’s been here, he picks words up very quickly and is a funny little fella. He loves children, loves the interaction with them.  Unfortunately, Clyde does not like men.  Clyde is fine with other birds too.  

He will go to the fruit bowl if he can and eat bits out of it then leave it. Clyde will also fly down to open packets when you bring shopping in as he is really inquisitive.  

He’s very friendly, he speaks a lot of words, he says I love you, what you doing and many other words.  Clyde loves baby tv, he sits and watches television and he has an outrageous laugh, he laughs so much he’s a really happy, loving bird.

He likes to be out of his cage all day so really needs someone home all the time.  He is like a little magpie. I have crystals and he pinches them and flies off. There’s only one thing he hates and that’s going in his cage… he will have you running from room to room to get him in to sleep but once in he goes off to sleep he is quiet.

Clyde loves a wash at the sink, but he does it in his own time and does like a spray. 

All in all, Clyde is an amazing little fella who needs a quiet home with lots of stimulation and room to fly.


If you think you fit his needs and would welcome Clyde into your home and heart, then click that apply button. You wont be disappointed.



 Location:  East Sussex

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