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Hi, we are Cinnamon & Lemon

PP number: PP1257 & pp1258


Name: Cinnamon & Lemon


Species: Cockatiel


Adoption fee: £30





We’re Lemon and Cinnamon, a beautiful bonded pair of tame Cockatiels in search of a loving home where we can be out of our cage and shoulder surfing for as much of the day as possible. We love men, women and children and will step up to pretty much anyone! We haven’t been DNA sexed but SH Mum thinks Lemon is a boy and Cinnamon is a girl.

We’re not terribly noisy – we like to cheep softly and Lemon says “peekaboo!” and whistles “If you’re happy and you know it.” There are other cockatiels and budgies here – we’re not too fussed by them to be honest! Lemon will try and chase them off (though not aggressively) and Cinnamon is happy to sit and chill out with them.



We’re about 3 years old. We lived with a family who loved us very much but they unfortunately had to return to their homes abroad and couldn’t take us with them. They were sad to leave us but knew that Problem Parrots would find us a great home.


Current Presentation:

We are both fully feathered and very beautiful! Lemon is a pied and Cinnamon is a cinnamon white face. We spend a lot of time preening and keeping our feathers in tip top condition, and we like a misting a couple of times a week. We also like to have a zoom around the room to keep our flying skills up to snuff.



We will happily step up and shoulder surf. Even though we love human company and will step up, we’re not keen on fingers and have been known to nip if they’re placed near us so you will need to work with us on that. We haven’t had any other formal training, but SH Mum says we’re good at going to bed.



Our diet isn’t the best so we need someone to work with us on this. We currently have a seed mix and we’re working on trying some veggies and fruit. We’re not overly keen but SH Mum keeps insisting!



We love toys – especially seagrass matts, paper and other things that we can shred! One thing we love is to forage on the floor – SH Mum puts millet and toys around our cage and we go hunting!



Lemon and Cinnamon are two beautiful birds and they have a lovely nature – very chilled. Cinnamon would sit close to you on your shoulder all day if she could. Lemon also likes to be close but is happy to sit nearby rather than on you. Since arriving at our house they have slotted right in – they’ll happily sit with me, with my husband or my young kids. While they love company, they seem fine when we’ve had to put them in their cage while we’re out, and they’ll happily go in for bedtime etc (in fact, sometimes they’ll tweet to let you know it’s time to go to bed!)

Their diet isn’t the best and will need some attention, especially as they don’t seem too keen to try new fruits and veggies. They will, however, quickly try to nick bits of your dinner off your plate if they’re out while you’re eating so be aware!

They like to spend their days sitting with their human slaves, preening each other (well, Lemon preens Cinnamon…she doesn’t really reciprocate!) and playing with their toys. They’ve started to let me give head tickles but are still not too keen on fingers…they’d rather just snuggle.

They’re a joy to safe house – it will be really hard to see them go as they are such great company!


 Location:  Reading

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