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Hi, I am Chucky

PP number: PP1417






Sulphur crested cockatoo


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Hi everyone let me introduce myself, my name is Chucky, I’m  a handsome 15 year old sulphur crested cockatoo. I’ve been in my safehouse with mum & grandad and a 12 year old boy. There are also other birds here which I do enjoy their company, there is also a dog which I only see when I’m safe in my cage but he doesn’t bother me. The humans here all say I’m a lovely friendly bird with loads of character, I can be very mischievous and sometimes noisy. I love being in my cage during the day where I play with my toys, shred my wood, ropes, cardboard boxes I really love a box filled with bits & pieces to forage through to find yummy treats, I also love doing my acrobatic act doing my loop to loop, mum tries to discourage me but its like an obsession of mine. I then like to come out around teatime for few hours as this is what I’ve always been used too. I do prefer men to the ladies but I do allow the ladies to give me head tickles when I’m inside my cage or feed me  & clean my cage, I will hold their finger through the cage but when I’m out cage that’s another thing. I only like the men and will fly straight to them I enjoy sitting on their shoulder for cuddles & kisses or go from hand to hand or even play my puzzle games with them. I’m not very noisy other than when I can see or hear man in the house then I will scream  until I get their attention, or around teatime I will scream to let humans know I want to come out to play soon as my doors opened I fly straight to safehouse grandad.


Chucky came into problem parrots through no fault of his own, his previous owners were a lovely lady & her husband. They had him nearly a decade and loved him very much but sadly chucky would scream for the man’s attention and the man didn’t have much interest in chucky so the lady used to give chucky plenty interaction in evening when she came home from work but chucky was beginning to get sad as he wanted males company, so they made heart wrenching decision to rehome him and felt best decision was to entrust in problem parrots to find chucky a perfect forever home he deserved


Current Presentation

Chucky is a fully feathered. funky little fella, his wings are amazing when he flies.




 Chucky is really enjoying clicker training and is in process of harness training with safehouse grandad.



In the Morning he gets Pellets, Afternoon is his Mixed Veg. Teatime is a small amount of Johnson and Jeff lean & fit seed mix  Snacks/ treats – fresh fruit or nuts, favourites are Tangerines, Raw  broccoli , Walnuts.


Chucky loves a filled cardboard box to forage through, boxes to tear up, books to shred, ropes, puzzle toys, toys he can take apart, wooden blocks, flying, being sprayed or bathing in bowl water, fresh air when safe in cage, uv light, plenty human interaction.



Chucky is a great bird who loves to entertain himself during the day in his cage and then he comes out for few hours at teatime to spend time with his favourite human safehouse grandad. Chucky eats very well and will try new foods. He enjoys bathing in a bowl or being sprayed and will lift his wings when his really enjoying being sprayed. Chucky isn’t very noisy other than when he can either see or hear a male human.

If you think you can offer Chucky the home he needs, then click that apply button. you will not be dissappointed.





South Wales

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