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Hi, I am Chilli

PP number: PP689


Name: Chilli


Species: Sun Conure


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee:£125





Chilli is a beautiful and relaxed Sun Conure. He loves to hop on your arm, making his way up to your shoulder where he will happily perch all day. He loves a stroke on his head and neck and will stay in that position for some time. He would make a wonderful companion.



Chilli came into Problem Parrots through no fault of his own, his previous owners made a difficult decision to find him a new home as they worked long hours and he was on his own a lot.


Current Presentation

Chilli is beautifully presented, well preened and groomed by himself. He has beautiful colours consisting of bright orange, yellow and green.



Chilli will hop onto your arm or finger from his cage when he wants to come out. He will fly across the room to be with you if his cage is open. He has had no particular training in the short time we have safe housed him.



Chilli’s diet currently consists of tidy mix with fruit and veggies every day. He is not very adventurous trying new foods and tends to back away when offered something new to try. He has enjoyed grapes and apple as a treat, also plain cashew nuts and walnuts.



Chilli prefers spending time with people, he is extremely sociable. He does have toys and foraging items in his cage but prefers not to play with them.



Chilli would like to find a home where he can be out of his cage as much as possible. He loves being with people, perched on their shoulder as they go about their day. Chilli seems a bit wary of other birds. He has no problem telling you when you are doing he does not like with very loud speech. He loves to nibble and lick softly any imperfections on your skin and also likes to nibble at jewellery and tracksuits with labels or tassels on the hood. We tend not to wear our best clothes when handling Chilli.


Of an evening when Chilli is back in his cage, he will take himself off to bed in his hammock and settle down from around 9pm until the following morning.


Chilli will suit a home with adults to spend his days with. He is great with older children and spends a lot of time with them in his safehouse. If you think you could be the right home for Chilli, then please apply, you will not be disappointed.


Location: Witham, Essex

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