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Hi, I’m Chico

PP number: PP1146


Name: Chico


Species: Double Yellow Headed Amazon


Cage supplied: Yes but a new one will be required


Adoption fee: £CITES





Chico is a lovely boy and very beautiful. He is however a nervous boy and needs to get to know you , he loves children around him as long as they know correct handling and he will call for them in the morning. Chico needs someone that can be with him most of the time as he does not like being left due to his history. When you leave the room he will shout no no until he has a routine and knows he’s not being left.


Chico came from a sad situation. he had lived with a lady most of his life and a little dog ,
unfortunately in later life the lady had health issues which meant Chico could not be cared for the same so spent hours in his cage . and wasn’t given toys etc. then lady then became ill and was taken to hospital unfortunately there was only someone to pop seed in to him . and not much else . He was left on his own for weeks other than this which is why he
does not like to be left alone. He also had a chest infection which has now been treated and cleared up and very blocked nares due to poor living conditions.


Current Presentation:

Chico is slowly learning to trust again and enjoys a routine. Once he trusts you he will step up and he’s started to say a few words , he’s learning what toys are and has a lot more out of cage time. this would need to be continued and his forever home.


We are working on stepping up and this is coming , he seems to prefer females and if your chair is close he will climb down to sit with you again once the trust is built . He does like a head tickle. We are working on this out of the cage too.


Chico is trying lots of fruit and veg. He seems to like pomegranate seeds, sinnach, carrots at the moment. He is on tidy mix seed , and likes the pistachio nuts.


Foraging toys, time out with you and loves a good water spray.



Chico is a very sweet loving bird who doesn’t mind who loves to interact with my son . seems not to have a real preference but leans towards females. He is still a nervous bird and is cautious of fingers and hands. He has come a long way after being with us , he loves his treats and I think this a way of training him. I truly believe he will make a beautiful companion for someone who he home most of the day and who can give him lots of interaction. He would make a nice family bird if the house is not too noisy. He has been around other birds but is nervous when they fly about or land on his cage. This would rectify it time again when he feels safe. He has seen small quiet dogs with no issues. Chico is looking for someone to give him the love and home this beautiful bird deserves.


 Location: Birmingham

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