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Hi, we are Chicken and Rita

PP number: PP1302 and pp1303


Name: Chicken and Rita






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We are chicken and Rita, two conures thats bonded and love each other so much and chicken
is not far behind Rita. we came into the charity due to no fault of our own.


Current Presentation: 

Rita is a great fly but not keen on hands and would rather be left to watch chicken. Hopefully
over time this will change as Rita is slowly coming closer to humans. Chicken on the other hand
seems to love to sit with you and have a sneaky cuddle and head rubs.

Chicken is very easy to get back into the cage due to him being hand tame and not a great
flyer. Rita does take some time to get back into the cage and is not always keen to take herself
back either we have found that sometimes if chicken is in first Rita sometimes does follow but
not always.
We have also found that chicken sit up straight when out of the cage and climbing about but
when perching he leans forwards and balances with his beak but most of the time snuggled up
with Rita. We don’t mind other birds been around these don’t bothers us we are also with Children been
around us. We live in a safehouse with four legged friends these are also fine when we are locked safe in
our cage.
We do love to take a bath in our water bowls and do love getting everything wet so I wouldn’t sit
to close to our cage when we do this as you will get very wet. we generally do this every other
day or so and don’t mind the odd spray either. Chicken has been know to bath even when traveling in the travel cage to the vets and found it great.


Current presentation:

We believe believe chicken is between 9-12 years old he had lost chest feathers but these
seem to be growing back chicken does have a history of a eye problem we are unsure if this is
cause by Rita preening his face or if its due to the weather changing/diet related or even
possibly an allergic reaction to something , He had this before coming into the charity, his eye
swells for a couple of days then goes down once he had eye drops from the vets which takes
a few days to go down then you would never know he had a swollen eye.

Chicken also does need his beak and nail kept on top off his beak needs trimming very often by this I mean every 2 months sometimes maybe sooner this can not be left any longer than this.

Chicken is the friendly one out of both them he will sit with you and enjoy snuggles etc were Rita would rather watch from close by and have a good fly around.
Rita is believed to be around 4-5 year old. Rita loves to be out of the cage and doing her own
thing but does keep check on chicken.

These two love being together and snuggle at night. Although Rita does need her beak and nails trimmed as often as chicken this would still need to be done more often than normal due to how quick they seem to grow. Chicken has been known to say a few words but hasn’t spoken words for sometime.



Chicken doesn’t really need any training as he steps up ok.
Working on stepping up and sitting with humans.



We do love our Fresh fruit and veg
sprouting and soaking seeds
Dried flowers (jungle gold)
Tidymix with tops pellets and tropican pellets mixed in only little in the evening
Sometimes Johnson and Jeff lean and fit



These two love to rip up paper and chewing wood, foraging for treats.



Chicken is slightly plucked but the feathers are growing back with a change of diet and
environment, Chicken does occasionally seem to have a eye problem but not had it for a few
months now, he is the friendly one out of both them. Rita is more of a bird that sits and watches
and takes it all in but is slowly coming closer to humans. These are two cute conures that looking
for a forever home to be together for the rest of their life. who love to be out and have lots of
If we sound like we fit your home please apply for us now and keep check on problem parrots
extra on Facebook for updates on us.
Much love
Chicken and Rita X



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