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Hi, I’m Charlie

PP number: PP970


Name: Charlie


Species: Timneh Grey


Adoption fee: Price on application




Hi I am Charlie a Timneh African Grey, I am a small bird with a huuuuuuuge personality.  I spend loads of time out of my cage with my Safehouse Dad, although I do bite him sometimes but I am getting better.  We often hang out with each other while he works from home.  When I say hang out I spend most of my time sitting on top of his laptop screen doing my best woody wood pecker impression.  I came to my Safehouse Dad because my previous Safehouse had little people in it and I wasn’t very nice to them.  My Safehouse Dad says I am a cheeky little chap, I think this is because I pinch his stuff, fly off with it and have him get up and take it off me.  When I am in my cage, I make lots of funny noises, my favourites are my truck reversing sound beep, beep, beep and I do make a fantastic blowing a raspberry sound which makes everyone laugh.  I do like lots of attention but I am very happy just sitting on your knee with you tickling my head whilst watching TV.

Current Presentation

I spend loads of time out of my cage just chilling watching TV with Safehouse Dad but to be honest I don’t mind whose knee I sit on as long as they give me attention and tickle me.  I am pretty good with other birds and can be let out when they are out but Safehouse Dad never leaves us alone just in case.  My Safehouse Dad says I am in pretty good nick I suppose that’s down to all the preening I do while I sit on his shoulder


I do like to step up sometimes but sometimes I am not so sure so I ll give you a little warning but 5 minutes later I am good to go.  I like my head scratched and Safehouse Dad has been working with me to prepare me for harness training so we can go on lots of adventures together and as I love to be the centre of attention I cant wait for that.


Its quite nice, here I have my very minion who serves me with yummy fresh chop with loads of vegetables in the morning and I also get a nice bowl of AS30 seed mix with pellets.  Safehouse Dad says if I eat all my chop and pellets it will preserve my stunning good looks and sparkling personality.  Not to be too modest but I don’t he is too wrong about my good looks I am a handsome little dude


Of a daytime I spend lots and lots of time with my Safehouse Dad, I like to help him work by making sure I keep an eye on him.  I am out of the cage most of the day but I am also happy in my cage for a couple of hours with no fuss as I ve got lots of toys to play with.  My favourite is when Safehouse Dad hides delicious things for me to eat in small boxes for me to tear up and enjoy the goodies.


Charlie is a small bird with a big personality, he spends a lot of time out of cage and I feel he needs a lot to keep his inquisitive mind occupied. He isn’t very good with children and has been known to give them a nasty nip so I wouldn’t recommend him going to a home with children in it.  He does bite every now and again although this seems to be getting better as times goes on


 Location: Liverpool 

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