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Hi, I’m Charlie

PP number: PP1448


Name: Charlie


Species: Blue and Gold Macaw


Adoption fee: £500


Cage Supplied: No



Hi, I am Charlie, a lovely Blue and Gold Macaw, aged around 22 years old. I am believed to be male, but I have not been DNA tested. I will require some training, but in the right environment I can be a very easy-going bird and have the potential to be a lovely companion.



I came into Problem Parrots through no fault of my own. My previous owner made the tough decision to find me a new home that can help me flourish.


Current Presentation:

I have plucked on my belly and on the top of my wings. I still pluck now and again, but with plenty of attention and enrichment this has the potential to improve.



My training is ongoing. I will step up on my terms, but at my safehouse, we are working on getting me to step up on command. I am target trained and have been learning to go into a travel cage using this method.



I love fruit, and absolutely love scrambled egg. My safehouse carers are slowly introducing me to vegetables. I am not keen on them so far, but will have a try of anything. I also eat Johnson and Jeff lean and fit seed mix, as well as Harrison’s course pellets. I love getting nuts as a reward for training and being a good bird, my favourites are pistachios.



I am a very playful boy. I love human interaction and being played with. I also enjoy chewing cardboard and wooden blocks, I will happily spend all day doing this. My favourite thing to do is to watch the film ‘Happy Feet’, I dance and sing along to it. I also love the ‘Cha Cha Slide’ and I get very excited when people dance and sing it with me. I am not destructive, but I would love to find a home where I can be out all day chewing and playing with my toys. I like to be covered at night time. I love to sit on a play-stand all day and enjoy being by a window so that I can see what’s going on outside.



Overall, Charlie is a lovely big bird. He is a very quiet boy who will do the odd flock call, which doesn’t last for long, but he prefers to talk. He can be stubborn at times and will need a confident owner, but if you have the time and commitment to offer him, as well as the right environment for him to thrive, Charlie will be fine.

He is a very confident macaw and inquisitive bird who likes to walk and follow people around the house. He can fly, but he hasn’t attempted to do so yet in his safehouse. He has a huge vocabulary: he says hello, Charlie, what, ouch, come on, step up, and he laughs at you. He loves a good head tickle and he will sit there for ages having cuddles. He has shown a bit of a preference towards women but is fine with men. He has been around other birds and he is fine with them, but he does get jealous and tends to over bond very quickly, so this will need be taken into account when applying. He is good with children – he loves to watch them, play ‘peek-a-boo!’, and roar with them. He won’t step up for a child, but loves to interact with them. He also likes going in the shower where he spreads his wings and enjoys himself.

It has been a pleasure to safehouse this lovely boy, he is so well behaved. He’s going make someone very happy.


Location: The Wirral

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