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Hi, I’m Charlie

PP number: PP1429


Name: Charlie



african grey


Adoption fee: cites



yes and a java stand



Hi I’m Charlie. I’m a Congo African Grey. I am believed to be around 14 years’ old. I have been DNA tested and confirmed male. I’m quite shy but very friendly and have shown no signs of aggression what so ever. I don’t step up as yet but safehouse mom is working on this. I do like to use your finger as a perch to grip onto with my beak but I don’t hurt you, I’ve just been used to doing this. I love to be out of my cage and am an excellent flyer. I like to sit on top of the door frames and must admit I don’t mind having a little chew at them! I do speak and as I’m getting more comfortable I’m saying more and more. I love to dance and sing along to music. I will take food from anyone, I am a bit of a messy eater!

I love a good beak scratch and a head tickle. There has been a little doggy visit which didn’t interest me or bother me at all as I was safely locked away in my cage. There’s another African Grey here with me and we do talk to each other, I’m learning new words and sounds from him every day but safehouse mom said I’m not allowed to learn the naughty words! We have met but only through our cages as we’ve not been together that long but I do think I liked him and he did me. He comes to say hello to me every morning!



I was very much loved and very well cared for, I was with my previous family for around 8 years. Sadly, my mommy passed away and Daddy just didn’t have the time to spend with me that I deserved or needed. I was let go to Problem Parrots purely out of love, it broke my Daddy’s heart the day we said goodbye but he had to do what was best for me.


Current Presentation: 

Safehouse mom say’s I’m absolutely stunning, my feathers are pristine! I love to be sprayed and love to fly. Everyone that has visited has said how beautiful I am.



I haven’t had much training, safehouse mom is currently trying to get me to step up. I hold onto her finger with my beak but just won’t make that step! I have only been with her a few weeks though so hopefully with perseverance I will learn how to do this, Safehouse mom said with continued training I will be able to do anything, I’m just a little nervous so I would probably benefit from some clicker training.



When I was with my old family I had quite a high intake of sunflower seeds, I’m now being moved over to AS30 and only having sunflower seeds as a treat.

I love grapes and am trying to get used to all other fruits, I’m not keep on vegetables but safehouse mom is still insisting on me trying them!



I do love my toys! If I get fed up of the ones I have I will bang my head on the wall so I do need to have lots of variety, I’ve just been introduced to cardboard boxes and wow these are great! I have foot toys but don’t really bother with those much but I do love to sit on top of my cage with a good box to shred, safehouse mom puts some shredded paper in a box and lets me forage through them to find the hidden nuts!



Charlie is an absolute delight to safe house, he is not noisy and has shown no signs whatsoever of any kind of aggression. Charlie will be a loving companion to any home. He has no preference to male or female, he’s not been around very young children but I don’t see there would be any problem. He interacts with me and my 13-year-old daughter and chats away to our African Grey. He has not had much training but with perseverance I don’t think it will be hard to teach him things so training will definitely need to be ongoing. Charlie would benefit from being out of his cage as much as possible and having lots of interaction, he is an absolute pleasure to safe house.




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