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Hi, I’m Charlie

PP number: PP1348


Name:  Charlie



Blue and gold macaw


Adoption fee:




 Hi I’m Charlie, I’m a beautiful, 12 year old blue and gold macaw. Don’t let by beautiful colors and looks distract you, I’m a little bit of a tinker when I get to know you! I’ll let my safe house mum explain about me though!


Charlie came into pp through no fault of her own after not the best start to her life.

Current Presentation:

Charlie is a beautiful girl who has all her perfect feathers. Charlie lives in safe house with other birds and doesn’t really bother with them except to tell them off (verbally) and she will shout at them to go to bed! Charlie does not like men! This is due to her past.
Charlie will fly and attack any man if she gets a chance. Charlie is a one person bird and can become quite possessive over that one person (female only) and she will bite, attack anyone who comes into contact with them. Charlie needs a confident, female owner who isn’t afraid of a bite or two! Charlie does understand that the bites are wrong and will say sorry straight away and this is something the safehouse family are all working on with her.



Charlie needs continuous training in regards to behavior and strong boundaries need to be put in place from the beginning. Charlie understands here that she doesn’t bite and we have even working on more than one person in a room with her which is going well. This will need to be continued in her forever home. Charlie will step up but it is on her terms, again once boundaries are in place Charlie understands this.



Charlie loves her food! She enjoys her fresh chop, porridge, toast, egg, birdie bread and is currently on as30. Charlie absolutely loves her walnuts in shells at bedtime! She only has one in her feed bowl but she waits for this and will shout at you if she doesn’t get it! Charlie also loves all nuts and some popcorn for treats and training.



Charlie loves a blanket! She will happily acquire any blanket that isn’t put somewhere safe! Charlie loves to make herself a comfy bed and will sing herself a little song and mutter to herself. Charlie also loves a good book or cardboard box! Charlie hasn’t shown any interest in toys as of yet, but does love sitting on the java tree here watching out of the window.



Charlie is a beautiful girl with a big personality. Charlie needs very strong boundaries and a very confident female as her sole career. Charlie lives with children here but none under the age of 10. Due to Charlie’s unpredictable behavior I would not recommend her to live with anyone younger than this age . Charlie loves spending time outside in the aviary with my flock and loves shouting to the neighbors. Charlie has a very colorful vocabulary, she will say “Hello Charlie” “ There’s a parrot” “Go to bed Charlie” and much more! Some is very colorful definitely not child friendly which we are working on ignoring here. Charlie loves the java tree here so this is a must in her forever home. Charlie is a very quick learner and picks up new words and tricks very quickly! She will lift her wings if you ask her to show you them, she has also learnt that cuddles are okay. Whoever gets to give this beautiful girl her forever home won’t be disappointed


Location: Wiltshire

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Hi, I’m Bluey

PP number: PP971


Name: Bluey


Species: Congo African Grey


Cage supplied: Yes, but needs a new one


Adoption fee: £TBC


Description: Under assessment



Are you interested in rehoming me?

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