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Hi, I’m Charlie

PP number: PP1205


Name: Charlie


Species: CAG


Adoption fee: £500


Cage: Yes




This is Charlie. He is a lovely 4 year old dna tested male Cong African Grey and is in really great condition. He’s super friendly and talkative and loves to walk around the house as if he’s a dog not a parrot…

Pictures of Charlie will be added onto Problem Parrots Extra so you can keep up with updates from him on there.



Charlie is only 4 years old and has just come into Problem Parrots 2 weeks ago due to his previous humans health issues. His first 3 years we really know very little about and it’s only the last year whilst at his previous home that we have any detail on. He had been very friendly especially towards males and really well behaved and in good health. He has come to the charity through no fault of his or his previous homes fault.


Current Presentation:

Hi, Charlie here and it’s my turn to tell you a bit about myself!!!

Right, I have been staying with my safe house Dad and his wife and their 2 children, I don’t mind any of them they and I will let them all stroke my head and change my food, water and paper without attacking them or showing them any aggression. My favourite though is The Dad and I will hold onto him and try and climb on him but I’m still a bit shy and usually end up just trying to share my last meal him… I can’t help it that’s how I show him I like him. The kids don’t bother me even though they can be really loud sometimes, I did nip the little boy once but in my defence he tried to stroke me when I wasn’t looking so I had to teach him some manners!!! Anyway I didn’t hurt him. I’m very gentle usually and love to be fed fruit pieces by hand.

I’ve never lived with other birds before, so this is quite a nice change for me, these guys have 2 others that look just like me and 2 weird green guys that I ignore! I like to talk to the other Greys and they talk back to me but the other day I was showing them how well I can fly and I scared one of them so now I think he’s fell out with me. He’s only jealous because I fly so well, and he can’t…  I used to live with a dog and these guys have dogs too but we stay out of the way of each other and I am safe in my cage if they are in the room but for the most part they aren’t so I pretend I’m a dog and run around on the floor chewing up as much card as I can get my beak on. I think I’d have made a good dog because I’m learning to come when I’m called.

I hate getting sprayed by the water bottle why can’t they just let me get in my water dish I love doing that, I like to splash in my dish. Especially when the floor has just been cleaned, I usually wait until after its cleaned then I know its bath time haha.

During the day I try and get everyone up at about 7 by saying ‘good morning’ that’s when I like to start my day. I get my food and water changed not long after this along with clean newspaper and then when all the other birds have been fed, watered and changed we come out for a few hours. I like to climb out and just stand on my door for an hour or so to have a stretch then it’s time to hit the floor and do some chewing.. card boxes are my favourite but I’m not picky I’ll chew some wood if it’s offered. After a few its human feeding time and we go back in our cages for an hour or so, I’ve got pretty clued up with this now and I play hard to get but my last human shared my kryptonite with these new humans. Remember I said I hate the water bottle… if I see that when I’m out on the floor I waddle slowly over to my cage and climb back in. Although these guys are trying new methods like enticing me with my favourite fruits and I’ve got to say I like that better.

I usually go to bed about 9pm I don’t need covering up because I’m a big bird now and I just settle down and go to sleep until the morning. At weekend the humans stay up a bit later so I am allowed a bit of extra playtime but I still like everyone to be up for around 7.

My cage isn’t the biggest, but I do like my little space and I can keep myself entertained for hours playing with my toys and shredding paper. I love music and will dance along with my safehouse sister whenever I can hear it! Also foraging through little boxes full of ripped up paper and treats is up there with my favourite things to do but I do prefer to do my box chewing out on the ground where I can really go to town on them.

I’m not a loud boy but I do like to hear the sound of my own voice. I’ve just got a lot to say!! Safe house mum says I am a lot more talkative if SH Dad is about though.



Charlie isn’t trained to do anything but talk but he is very well behaved and although I am told he prefers men he has not displayed any aggression or signs of disliking women whilst in our home, he will lower his head for a little tickle to any in our home. He wont (or hasn’t) stepped up and done any shoulder surfing as of yet but I’m sure it won’t be long before he is doing so. In his previous home he had climbed onto people, we have quite a busy home compared to his last and he hasn’t been here for very long and trust can take time. He doesn’t show any aggression towards any of us.

He does have a good vocabulary which you will hear, unfortunately there does seem to be the odd naughty word but it is quite infrequent I can assure you. I am trying little bits with him in regards training but only basic stuff like trying to conquer the step up and return to cage which don’t sound a lot but are very handy when they work and can make life a lot easier for everyone especially Charlie.

I will be continuing to try and build his confidence with hands while he is here.



While here Charlie eats tidymix and a variety of fresh fruit and veg along with a few harrisons pellets a day. Previously his diet was a heavy sunflower seed parrot mix which inluded monkey nuts and also fresh fruit and veg so he is used to eating the good stuff and continues to enjoy it here. He loves grapes, apple and carrot the most but upto now we have not found any fresh fruit or veg that he does not enjoy and will happily eat any given to him.



Charlie here again! Just wanted to tell you what I like to do to have fun!

Although I am well behaved and content in my cage I LOVE to be out and about toddling around on the floor and then going back to chill on my cage for a little while. While I’m out and about I spend most of my time turning ordinary boxes into tiny little pieces of box looking for food hidden inside, it’s so rewarding and gives the humans something to do as well.  I also enjoy a good dance to music with my SH sister. I keep myself busy when I am in cage by either sleeping, bathing or playing with my various toys, sometimes though I just like to talk to people and will happily chatter away until the human food is away and I get my feet back on the ground.



Charlie is a really great, polite and friendly bird. I’m sure that he will fit into almost any household environment, but he does love to be out of the cage so a home that will allow him the opportunity to be out and about for the biggest majority of the day would be best. I have not seen him around young children as my youngest is now 10 but I have no concerns about him showing aggression towards anybody that he has come into contact at our house. Any families with younger children would have to monitor them closely to avoid any mishaps.

He has started to do a bit of flying about a bit more often now and he is a good strong flyer so having a safe space for this is going to be essential as the more settled in he is getting here the more often he is flying instead of walking everywhere.

Other than that there’s not a lot more to say about him, apart from if you’re looking for a long term new member of the family who is at a brilliant age to adapt to a new home and learn new things have a think about Charlie. He really is an awesome bird with a great personality.

Thanks for reading and if you think Charlie sounds like he could be the bird for you check Problem Parrots Extra for updates and please don’t hesitate to apply for him!!



Location: Doncaster 

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