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Hi, I’m Charlie

PP number: PP1165


Name: Charlie


Species: African Grey


Adoption fee: Papers applied for



Hi all, My name is Charlie and I’ve been told I’m definitely a ladies man. I have been with my safehouse mum for a few months now and I’m definitely learning new things everyday. I was very quiet to begin with,but as my safehouse mum has let me spread my wings (which I’ve never done before). I love to whistle and beatbox away and I can only say a few words,but I’ve only just learned to laugh and I like it. I also pick up sounds quickly and make mum laugh. I have even learned to do her car alarm, I made her jump out of bed once as she thought it was going of till she realised it was me and I laughed, I thought it was funny. Love company and being the centre of attention. I like watching the tv too. I live with a dog also but she doesn’t bother me. Sometimes when my mum not watching I will throw my food out of my cage and find it funny. I live with two other big birds , but they live in the birdroom. I use to like one but they kept climbing on my cage and playing with my toys and I did not like that and I would tell them off and try to bite them. But they are bigger than me. Plus I prefer mum all to myself lol. I have plucked a little under my wings and neck in my last home , but they are slowly coming back , because I have toys to play with and they keep me occupied.



Charlie came into PP due to an illness in the family , and therefore could not give Charlie what he needed. Charlie has spent most of his life locked in his cage with very little interaction. No training and fed a very bad diet with only a bell to play with.



I am a fully flighted and little plucked but hardly noticeable with new pin feathers coming through.



Charlie will need some training to learn to step up as he was very scared of hands , we have been working with him and he is not so scared of hands now , he will step up onto a cushion quite easily to move him around or go back to the cage. Charlie will need someone with a lot of patience to help him learn. He likes being outside so harness training would be beneficial. He will allow head scratches once he trusts you.



I have a new diet and I love it. I love sugar snaps , grapes , blueberries , sweet potato , apple , carrots and sweetcorn. Although my mum likes to try me with different things everyday. My favourite nuts are cashews and walnuts. I also love my AS30 , but I’m not interested in pellets , I throw them out,



Charlie loves his ropes as he will sit there for hours chewing them up as they are all new to him. He likes a cardboard box or if you rip some card up and hand it round his cage he will sit happily ripping them up. He also love his balls and will throw them across the room to chase them and play. If you sit with him he will play with you. He also has a bell which he came with and this is his absolute favourite , it must go with him , it is his safety toy. He spends hours playing with it and scratching his head with it , he also likes to hide his head in the bell sometimes. It has seen better days but my mum got me a new one and took my old one out and I did not like it , so she gave me it back which made me happy. He likes to freely walk around the house and do his own thing. He likes to be out of his cage as much as possible.



Charlie really is the most loving boy you could wish for. He is just looking for his special lady to cuddle up to and call his own, as he will spend hours cuddled up. He hasn’t a nasty bone in his body. A quieter house would be more suited to charlie , and someone that is home most of the day as he does not like being left alone too long . He can be very vocal if left in his cage and makes his own little beats up and will bob along. He likes to dance , not much of a talker , but learning new words everyday. But don’t let that stop you he is so funny , he will wolf whistle you , blow you kisses , the list goes on. Charlie is definitely a lover not a fighter , he will thrive if he finds his perfect home where he can be free more , a little bit quieter , perhaps an older lady looking for a nice guy. Charlie is an amazing little soul and has been a pleasure to safehouse and I will be sad to see him go.

If you think you can offer charlie a home , then please apply..


 Location: South Wales

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