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Hi, I’m Charlie

PP number: PP1165


Name: Charlie


Species: African Grey


Cage supplied: Yes but need a new one


Adoption fee: £CITIES



Hi my name is Charlie, I’m about 10 yrs old. I don’t have a preference to male or female but my safe house mum has done so much for me that I’m starting to trust again. I don’t mind other birds as I’m currently lodging with 2 others.


Charlie spent most of his life in his cage with only a bell to play with and very little human interaction. He had a bad diet, fed on pizza and chips.

Current Presentation:

Due to my bad diet and some stress, Charlie has plucked some of his feathers under his neck and both wings and tail. But a change in diet, some enrichment and lots of human interaction will help him stop picking.


Charlie has had no training in his previous home but he is a quick learner and really lee. He hasn’t mastered the step up or down….yet! I have tried using a perch as a training tool and he’s starting to try stepping up with one foot so lots to learn. He does enjoy a good fly around the room and will fly to you for head tickles. Charlie loves to be outside in the sun shine so harness training is a very big possibility.



Charlie’s diet has completely changed now. He is currently on AS30 and rust mix as well as fresh fruit and veggies. He has a good appetite and will try anything once. His favourite fruit being a chunk of apple and walnuts he also enjoys a small piece of wholemeal toast and some chopped boiled egg.



My new favourite thing is ropes!! I love climbing round them and have a good chew on them. I’ve never had toys before so everything is quite new to me but I will have a go at anything I can get my beak on. I enjoy a little walk round the floor, climbing the stairs, and hiding from people. My comfort toy is my bell so that needs to stay with me please.



Charlie is a sweetheart, he has really come out of his shell since coming into safe house. He is chatting a lot more and saying new things but only has a small vocabulary. He is brilliant at beat boxing and dancing and picks up times really quickly.  If he’s left in his cage too long he will become quite vocal and let you know he wants out. He does suffer from a certain level of separation anxiety so ideally someone who is home a lot during the day would suit Charlie.
Charlie isn’t covered at night but when lights go out, he will he will say good night and will sleep all night. He currently lives with other birds and doesn’t mind them at all as long as they don’t land on his cage. Whoever becomes Charlie’s new human will be very lucky to have him in their lives. He is a loving gentle boy who just wants his happy ever after.


 Location: South Wales

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