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Hi, I’m Charlie

PP number: PP1129


Name: Charlie


Species: Congo African Grey


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: CITES






Hi I’m Charlie, I’m about 25 years old. I’m a friendly chap who loves head scritches from anyone willing to give them.



I came into the charity from a lovely young couple who were having personal issues and felt they couldn’t give me the attention and care I needed. It was a hard decision but I understand.


Current presentation

I have all my flight feathers but I do pluck my chest through a little bit of stress. Since coming into my safehouse I haven’t plucked any so I hope all my lovely feathers grow back soon.



I am learning to step up to both male and female, but not small children. I will say goodnight when I go to bed and good morning when I am uncovered next day. I would like to try clicker training with my favourite treat of cashew nuts and have more one on one time.



I currently enjoy tidy mix and I eat all of it. My favourite fruit is pomegranate, I will do anything for that. I also eat all my vegetables like a good boy.



I totally love being on the bottom of my cage with loads of newspapers to tear up. I search for any hidden treat these people keep hiding in there too. I’ve discovered cardboard boxes and will happily chew one as long as there’s some food inside for me to find. I also love to shred magazines, books and catalogues, they keep me busy for hours.



Charlie is a pleasant bird, loves the male carer here but he will also step up for my wife. He is happy on top of his cage hiding in a box shredding an old book, or sitting on the back of the sofa chilling with us. He will come down for head tickles then go back to what he was doing, then come back again.
He doesn’t mind our little dog walking past his cage when he’s inside, and we have a two year old child who he doesn’t bother with either as long as he doesn’t touch Charlie’s cage.
There is another African grey living here and he doesn’t bother with him much as long as he doesn’t try and get in Charlie’s box.
He’s a happy chatty bird with lots of love to give to the right family. Can you offer him what he needs.


Location:  Durham

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