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Hi, We are Charlie & Larry

PP number: PP1352/53


Name: Charlie & Larry


Species: Cockatiels


Adoption fee: £45




Hello everyone our names are Charlie & Larry we are both cockatiels and are around 3 yrs old. we came into problem parrots due to our previous home no longer being able to look after us due to poor health. We have been in safehouse few weeks now there is mum and brother here also other birds all small ones which we get on fine with. Mum has put us in the indoor aviary has our cage was too small for us both. Safehouse mum says we are lovely birds me Charlie I’m the quiet one and likes to be left alone where as Larry is the chatty one always singing a tune. We both love being sprayed we also love the boxes mum gives us and all our toys and hanging from ropes. Neither of us like to be handled but Larry enjoys humans chatting to him. We love our fresh veg & fruit and love the fresh herb plants mum has growing in pots in the aviary there great for us to forage in.



Charlie & Larry came into problem parrots due to their previous owner unable to care for them due to health issues.


Current Presentation:

A little about me Charlie I’m the quiet one who just likes to be left alone to do what I want to do I’m scared of hands but mum says I’m beautiful I enjoy playing with toys shredding cardboard, foraging in the herb pots, climbing rope, I enjoy te fresh  food mum gives us. A little about me Larry I’m a little scruffy but mum says after my moult I will look beautiful again, I’m  very chatty one who will keep everyone entertained with my sweet tunes I sing mum says some are unusual for cockatiels, I also love my fresh food mum gives us, I also like our toys, ropes, cardboard boxes for me to shred, and these herb pots are amazing for us to forage in. I love being sprayed too, like Charlie I don’t like hands or being handled but enjoy being spoke to by humans. We are currently in mums indoor aviary has our cage mum says is too small for us both, so in aviary we have loads of room to fly around. We get up around 8am and bedtime is around 8pm.



Trying to get both Charlie & Larry used to hands which will need to be continued.



Fresh veg & fruit chop, cockatiel seed mix.



Plenty toys, cardboard / paper to shred, hiding treats, having a variety of different size / texture perches, fresh herb for foraging, being sprayed, human interaction, ropes for climbing.



Both Charlie & Larry are great birds and a real pleasure to safehouse, Charlie is quiet one but is funny to watch him fly from perch to perch and hang from ropes & toys, Larry is the very vocal one singing various tunes. Neither of them like hands but are happy flying around in the indoor aviary. They both love most fresh veg & fruit chop. They get on with the other small birds and haven’t shown preference to male or female carer. Charlie & Larry will settle into any family home.


Location: South Wales

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