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Hi, we are Charlie & Grace

PP number: PP1141 PP1142


Name: Charlie & Grace


Species: Cockatiel


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: £20




Hi we are two gorgeous tiels looking for a new home. I’m boss but Gracie is softest. We would brighten anyone’s life.



Our owner was working to many hours and had to move to a smaller home so could not keep us any longer and made the hard decision to let us come in for a better life.


Current Presentation:

We are both very happy good looking birds. We both love a good stretch of our wings, grace likes a tickle but I’m not so keen sh mum keeps trying. We both step up and she says we’re both cutie pies, No idea what she means but she alright. She gives us millet we love this and this is what she uses to train us.



Both of us will step up, grace is bravest with hands and loves a tickle especially if I’ve flown off. Sh mum is trying to teach me a tickle is not actually that bad. This training would need to be kept up.



We like tidy mix, millet and fresh fruit and veg please. We also like scrambled egg.



We like our toys and to play but most off all we like our time out and interaction we love being talked too. We will play with boxes but also like to sit in the window on a play stand watching the world outside.



Sh mum says we are two amazing little birds, we are easy to look after and a pleasure to have. We don’t mind the grey birds here or the noisy too. We love the sh children here and don’t care if you are male or female. We have seen cats and dogs but only in passing they don’t bother us. We are fun little birds with big personalities we can have our noisy moments but we are birds. Our sh mum says she will miss us lots but she knows we are going to be adored and spoilt rotten



 Location: Derby

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