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Hi, we are Charlie and Dobbie

PP number: 

632 & 1400


Name: Charlie and Dobbie



Indian ringnecks


Adoption fee: £150



 Hello everyone !!! Let us introduce ourselves, we are a beautiful bonded pair of Indian Ring Necks we have been in our safehouse for a few weeks now. There’s  mum , a 12yr old boy  a dog which we don’t really see unless we are safe in our cage ( but it doesn’t bother us) then there is a very chatty bigger bird and a smaller bird, we do enjoy listening to them. A little about me Charlie I’m the bossy one, I enjoy my food and will try different things. I’m not too sure about humans but am slowly getting better, I haven’t really played with toys or boxes mum has put in our cage. Our cage door is opened for few hours in morning then again in afternoon but I don’t always come out but when I do if humans get close I get little scared and will fly away sometimes flying into the wall. safehouse mum feels in time I will get better around humans. A little about me Dobbie I’m the shy one but like Charlie I enjoy my food and will try different things, I also haven’t really played with the toys or boxes. Sadly I’m not a good flyer so cant fly far before crash landing, I’m a little scared of humans but slowly getting better.  When I come out cage which isn’t all the time I will happily sit on play stand but don’t like humans getting to close as I get lttle frightened.


Sadly our previous owners son was allergic to us and was getting ill so our mum had to make heart wrenching decision to rehome us so we had a better life, so she decided problem parrots would be best place as she knew we would be found best forever home that we deserve.

Current Presentation:

Charlie & Dobbie are both great birds but are still a little unsure of humans when they get close but slowly they are getting better as humans can now stand by cage and chat to them without them flapping about, but if they are out cage they still fly off if humans get too close. They have started to squawk and make noises more often now. They both love most foods. I’m sure in time they will learn to trust humans but at present they seem happy together and enjoy the noises from the other birds here.  

Offering bits food & treats to get them used to hands this is still working progress.

Fresh veg & some fruit, Tidymix seed, chamomile tea in morning.


plenty toys , cardboard boxes, boxes filled with shredded paper with hidden treats, time out cage, spraying daily, plenty human interaction, fresh air( when we are safe in our cage) UV lamp, foraging toys, natural branches.


Summary: Both Charlie & Dobbie are great birds but they are still a little scared of humans getting close, they are good eaters and are a real pleasure to safehouse. In time I feel they will learn to trust humans but they do seem happy with each others company Charlie sometimes gets bossy towards Dobbie especially over food but since putting two pots in cage seems to have sorted this issue, they do squabble but they don’t hurt each other. They have started making noises now especially when they hear the other birds. When cage door is opened sometimes they come out but other times they don’t bother, Charlie will fly around but Dobbie just sits on the Play stand. Neither bird has shown any preference to male or females and don’t seem bothered about dog barking or the other birds.

 Location:  South Wales

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