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Hi, I’m Charles

PP number: PP1140


Name: Charles


Species: Umbrella Cockatoo


Cage supplied: Needs a new one


Adoption fee: £400





Hi I’m Charles and I’m the most handsome boy you’ll ever see! I’m 11 years old so still a young lad, and did I mention I’m handsome?


My old owner unfortunately died about a year ago and his family have been looking after me. They found it difficult so made the decision to hand me into problem parrots to find a forever family of my own.


Current presentation
I’m a lovely fully feathered boy, I enjoy a good shower and will have a bath in my water bowl to keep my feathers pristine. As you can see, I’m extremely handsome.


I will happily step up for my chosen one, but my safehouse Mum keeps saying in a bit naughty to get back in my cage so she has to bribe me with nuts. I need someone who has lots of patience and perseverance so they can teach me new things as I love interacting with humans.


I’m slowly learning that fresh vegetables are not the enemy, and they will be good for me. It’s ongoing and I will try a tiny bit sometimes to see if I like it or not. I will need lots of encouragement to eat what is good for me. I’m eating my pellets too, they’re yummy.


I love to be out of my cage all day playing on the play stand or in the window shouting at people walking by. I have a box of toys that I also love to play with and throw them all over so the human here has to clear them up.


Charles is an absolute pleasure to have here, he is an excitable young boy with lots of love to give. He’s a chatterbox and very mischievous and loves to be nosy. He lives with other cockatoos and doesn’t bother them as long as they leave him alone. We don’t have a dog so I’m not sure what he would be like with a dog sniffing at his cage.
He loves a towel hanging on the outside of his cage so he can pull it through the bars and plays with it, it seems to be a comfort thing for him. He will happily get covered for sleep between 7pm and 8pm and will have a quiet sleep for 12 hours.
Charles is an amazing bird, he will give his chosen one a lot of love. He needs to be in a home where he is out of his cage as much as possible as he was locked in a cage for a long time previously. He will be better suited to a male carer and will respond better to him with regards to training. Whoever adopts Charles will be very lucky, he’s a special boy.
If you feel you can offer Charles the home he deserves then hit that apply button.

 Location:  Liverpool

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