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We, are Caz & Enzo,

PP number: PP944 PP845


Name: Caz & Enzo


Species: Kakariki


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £20





Hi we are a cheeky pair of kakariki, totally bonded to each other. We don’t know our ages but we are young at heart and lots of energy.
There wasn’t much history on us, we came from a nice home and were loved very much.


Current presentation:

We are fully feathered and fully flighted birds, our colours are extremely vivid and show them off very well. Our safehouse Mum says we are two very handsome birds.



We are learning step up but find it very hard. We will fly to you if we want to spend time with you but we aren’t very sure of hands. Some firm boundaries for us is needed, and we will in time learn the basic step up.



We eat tidy mix and plenty fresh fruit and vegetables. Our favourite food is dried chillies and dark green leafy veg. Favourite fruit is apples, grapes melon and pomegranate.



We are allowed out of our cage to fly around all day together. We love investigating any open drawers or cupboard, and enjoy hiding from our safehouse Mum. We love shredding up papers and cardboard in our cage and making a mess, this is good fun and keeps us entertained for hours, specially if there are hidden treats.



Caz and Enzo are pleasant birds, they are quirky and funny, love to fly all over the room all day getting up to mischief. If I come home with shopping bags they get excited and chatter away until I let them out of the cage so they can investigate my shopping.
They regurgitate for each other all the time, they have an amazingly close bond. They do like to chew paper, so plenty supply will be needed to keep them off your wallpaper.
We love to have a bath in our bowl every day, we have to keep looking handsome you know. We don’t like being sprayed so as long as there’s a bowl of water for us we are happy. If another bird lands on our cage we will peck at their feet, so we have a small sheet on the top to stop us.
They’re a very active pair of birds, extremely loving with each other, beautifully feathered and their colours are outstanding.
A pair of very cheeky little fellas they are, love to be flying around together all day, where one is, the other will be there also. They have no preference between male or female.
If you have space in your home and heart for these two cheeky little beauties then what are you waiting for.



Location: Blackpool

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