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I’m cassie

PP number: PP1379


Name: Cassie


Species: Umbrella cockatoo


Adoption fee: £400



I need a new cage but I prefer to be in a a bird room without a cage.



I’m the gorgeous Cassie , I’m a beautiful umbrella cockatoo and its believed I’m around 40 years
young, I’ve came into the charity through no fault of my own as my owner got really sick and couldn’t look after me or provide the care I needed so I spent a long long time stuck in a cage that wasn’t the best or  suitable for me. I did live with another umbrella cockatoo but we didn’t really get along that well and he pulled all my  feathers out , I think he was trying to help but he didn’t do a good job bless him. Cassie didn’t have any toys and only a wooden perch in her cage.
Cassie does have a lot of feathers missing so looks really small but with time these should grow back now she isn’t having them plucked for her. Cassie does only have 3 nails 1 on one foot and 2 on the other but this doesn’t really stop her getting about. She will need a experienced owner who has cockatoo experience would be Ideal as Cassie is very nervous and wary of hands near her.

Current Presentation:
Cassie has lots of snipped feathers and has no flight feathers, she looks like a little chicken. she only has two claws on each foot, so this makes her quite unstable.

we are working with Cassie to gain her trust trust confidence and allowing us to get a bit closer each day and a bit more used to hands. She isn’t fond of a stick at all. She has let me give her tickles twice but is yet  to allow me again.

AS30 seed mix and daily fresh fruit and veg, soaking seeds

Cassie had no toys when she came to us and she is really showing a lot of interest in the new ones we got her. She loves a bit of paper and wooden toys to destroy. Cassie will have a little dance on top of her cage but has yet to venture away from it but is more then happy to do her own thing. Our other birds don’t seem to bother her at all.


Cassie is a delightful girl to safe house, she prefers the company of males, and is quite wary of any females.

She will hiss and throw herself off her stand or cage if she sees a woman.

Cassie is now enjoying time in the bird room, so is now cage free and this has had a massive positive effect on her. the floor is padded so she does not hurt herself when she falls from the play stand as this is a massive issue.

Cassie will need a home where she will have a male carer and either a specially adapted cage with a padded bottom and low perches, or a bird room with a padded floor. She has become so much more confident and happier since living cage free, but we are working on stepping her up without her throwing herself back to the security of the play stand or perch.

She currently shares a bird room with two macaws who she has made friends with, but she does not like the company of other cockatoos. She does have the usual morning flock call which can last from ten minutes to an hour depending on how she feels so this must be taken into consideration.

She will accept head tickles and loves a good wolf whistle and is a very comical with the right man.

Cassie will happily occupy herself in a box, playing with papers and cardboard, she is quite independent.

Cassie does have a tendency to jump off the perches at random moments and throws herself to the floor, which could result in a serious injury so she must have a padded floor and low perches.

Cassie is not a cuddle bird, she will however accept a good head scritch but that’s it.

She has lost a lot of her flight feathers which make her look extremely tatty, but if you can see past this, there is an amazing bird.

If she was in a room and left unattended, she will make a lot of noise and be at more of a risk of hurting herself so someone who is home all day to supervise her time out of the cage or in the bird room.


If you think you can offer Cassie the home she very much needs and deserves, then please click the apply button.


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