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I’m cassie

PP number: PP1379


Name: Cassie


Species: Umbrella cockatoo


Adoption fee: £400



I will need a new one please



I’m the gorgeous Cassie , im a beautiful umbrella cockatoo and its believed im around 40 years
young, I’ve came into the charity through no fault of my own as my owner got really sick and couldn’t look after me or provide the care I needed so I spent a long long time stuck in a cage that wasn’t the best or  suitable for me. I did live with another umbrella cockatoo but we didn’t really get along that well and he pulled all my  feathers out , I think he was trying to help but he didn’t do a good job bless him. Cassie didn’t have any toys and oy a wooden perch in her cage.
Cassie does have a lot of feathers missing so looks really small but with time these should grow back now she isn’t having them plucked for her. Cassie does only have 3 nails 1 on one foot and 2 on the other but this doesn’t really stop her getting about. She will need a experienced owner who has cockatoo experience would be Ideal as cassie is very nervous and wary of hands near her.

Current Presentation:
Cassie is a very nervous too and will come out of her cage when she is happy to, we leave her door open all day and after a few hours she does pluck up the courage and will sit on top and watch what’s happening and play with her giant blocks. She does love wood to chew and will destroy it in a matter of minutes. If cassie is unsure or scared she will his sat us but she will calm down once she has warned you, she hasn’t attempted to bite or shown any aggression she is just nervous. She does love a walnut and still manages to hold it and crack it open but will wait till we have walked away from her before she will eat it. Cassie will eat her chop however it comes large chunks or smaller bits and enjoys flicking it all over. She will happily play with a box and forage for treats and loves paper to shred apart and then pass it though the bars of her cage. Cassie does love to be showered and we do this every other day for her so her feathers can start to improve and grow back. Cassie is very quiet and occasionally will make a noise but nothing that is really loud and this lasts for about 2 minutes then she carries on with whatever she wants to do.
Cassie will need a cage big enough but not to deep as she has a tenancy to jump to the bottom so a shallow cage would be ideal so she doesn’t hurt herself.

we are working with cassie to gain her trust trust confidence and allowing us to get a bit closer each day and a bit more used to hands. She isn’t fond of a stick at all. She has let me give her tickles twice but is yet  to allow me again.

AS30 seed mix and daily fresh fruit and veg, soaking seeds

Cassie had no toys when she came to us and she is really showing a lot in interest in the new ones we got her. She loves a bit of paper and wooden toys to destroy. Cassie will have a little dance on top of her cage but has yet to venture away from it but is more then happy to do her own thing. Our other birds don’t seem to bother her at all.


Cassie will need a new home that ideally has experience with cockatoos to help her gain trust and
confidence, she will also need a large cage but one that isn’t to deep so she doesn’t hurt herself when
she has a jump. She does like a blanket in the bottom under the paper so its a bit softer for her. In
time cassie is going to be an amazing too and will bring some much joy with her dancing.


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