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Hi, I’m Casper

PP number: PP1244


Name: Casper


Species: Green Wing Macaw


Adoption fee: £500



Casper is an absolutely stunning 6 year old male, Green wing macaw.


Casper came into the charity through no fault of his own. His owners could no longer give him the time and dedication needed for this high energy big bird. Casper had a bad diet and refused to eat good food when he arrived. He was reluctant to step up and would grunt and scream occasionally .

Current Presentation:
Casper has stunning colours and amazing feather condition. He has had 2 showers this week and this has encouraged him to preen those lovely feathers and is now silky smooth.
Training: He has been stepping up and down, though he does need some encouragement to step up as he’s so lazy. I’ve been doing recall though he is reluctant to fly back to me when he’s on the stand. He needs a confident, experienced and firm owner as he does try it on. As the week as gone on Casper is beaming. He’s stepping up almost immediately now. He
still grunts about it though. We have started with harness training and its going well.



Caspers diet wasn’t the best when he came here and trying to get him to eat healthy has been challenging. This will need monitoring. But currently consists of zupreem pellets, as30, nuts and berries, sprouted beans, vegetables, (he likes carrots) and little fruit. (He loves banana and blueberries)



He needs alot of out of cage time. He loves the vine/wicker balls. Lots of wood, branches and cardboard. He goes to bed at 8pm-10am and is not covered.



Casper needs someone experienced and confident to teach him. He will step up but grunts about it. He knows what no bites is and has never bitten me. I’ve showered him with no problems and wrapped him in a towel. He loves his tickles and is a real big softy. I haven’t heard him say any words, just grunts. He’s not even noisy, let’s out a yell every now and then. He has 12 hours sleep and is not covered. Casper needs a home where he can be out of his cage a lot. He is here with big and little birds and has shown no interest in them. Casper is pretty calm and just watches the world go by. When Casper arrived he was a man’s bird, he now favours safehouse mum. He’s not cage aggressive. Casper has learnt a word, ‘kiss’. I held his beak and kissed him today.


 Location: Manchester 

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