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Hi, we are Casper and Charlie

PP number: PP1244 & PP1348


Name: Casper and Charlie


Species: Casper: Greenwing Macaw Charlie: Blue & Gold Macaw


Adoption fee: £900


Cage: Yes



We are Casper and Charlie, a bonded pair of macaws.
Charlie is absolutely in love with Casper she wears the trousers.
Casper is a gentle giant but is dominated by Charlie.
Because of their bond, they are happy with each other and you will need to win the trust of Charlie to have any interaction with either of them, they are very guarded.
Casper enjoys a good shower and both will take treats from a tub when out or careful fingers through cage bars.



Casper and Charlie were adopted separately but then formed a strong bond. Because of personal issues, the owner had to find a new home for them and made the hard decision to hand them back into Problem Parrots.


Current Presentation:

Both Casper and Charlie are stunning birds. They are both fully feathered and flighted, so both can fly.



Charlie, especially, will need one-on-one training in order for you to gain her trust. Once that trust is in place, you will be able to interact with both Charlie and Casper at the same time. They will need consistency, perseverance, and patience. Casper is a gentle soul, who enjoys attention and doesn’t need any ongoing training. The main training will be with Charlie and I would suggest clicker training or a method of distraction.



AS30 seed mix (but very little) and daily fresh vegetables. They only get fruit as a rare treat because of the natural sugars.



They love to play with blankets, especially Charlie. Cardboard boxes are a favourite as well as newspaper shredding.
They enjoy each other’s company and sitting on a java tree watching the world go by together.



Casper and Charlie are both beautiful birds whose love for each other is very strong. Charlie rules the roost but Casper does what he’s told. They are not currently being handled as Charlie is too protective. With a very experienced owner, a loving home, and the right approach to training, Charlie and Casper would make perfect companions. They do come with an aviary and love to play outside in it.
Charlie has a very special bond with Casper and will not allow you to get too close to Casper. Charlie will fly and attack and she is fast. Casper, on the other hand, is a big softie. These birds cannot be separated and must be kept together.
Both Charlie and Casper will need a lot of patience, understanding of macaws, and someone who is confident in training and handling this amazing pair.




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