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Hi, I’m Buddy

PP number: PP558


Name: Buddy


Species: Blue Fronted Amazon


Cage supplied: Yes, plus travel cage


Adoption fee: £150


Description: Hello Ammie addicts! I’m Buddy the Blue front, a cheeky chap who is full of beans. I don’t know when my birthday is but I do know I am 18years young sometime this year. I’m going to tell you all about me here but you can also check videos out of me to by going on the Facebook Problem Parrots Extra page and searching #Buddy, enjoy!


History/background: I’m not going to dwell too much on the past but I need you to know this in order to help me find the right home see. I came into pp a couple of yrs ago, I went to a safehouse and did really well there and I got adopted! I was very loved but became aggressive and I had to come back in to the charity. I’m not a bad bird and don’t see it as being aggressive, for me I’m just being protective over my loved one and won’t tolerate threats to them and our bond. When I love you, I love you and you are all mine, I can’t help it I’m just doing what comes naturally. I bonded to the man of the house and became aggressive toward the lady, it was hard for her because I would fly at her to attack and it was hard for them to keep me. Because I had shown a preference to males when I came back into the charity I went to a male safehouse, there were also little people there, I liked the 10 year old little man and would let him give me treats through my cage but I didn’t like the other miniature humans there. I did like my safehouse dad and he would give me tickles and treats but because I liked him I became very jealous of his other bird and started to fly at him to attack to. I would also shout very loudly if he showed her attention, I got very jealous and he didn’t have space to put me in another room away from her and that’s how I ended up here in the land of sheep with Lou. I do not step up onto hands or arms, I step up onto a perch but it’s not consistent or reliable


Current Presentation: I am here with Lou where it’s just me, I have the lounge all to myself where I am out pretty much all day. I don’t tend to venture off my cage but if I do I will step up onto a perch for you to get me back if needed, however, if I am already on my cage I don’t always step up onto the perch and that’s where it is unreliable. Although at present I don’t step up reliably or onto hands or arms I am easy to get back in my cage if you need me to, just put my favourite food in and I’m in like lightning! I fly well and love a shower, I don’t mind the four legged fury things in the room when I’m in my cage. I will take treats from Lou and have scratches sometimes but only when I’m in my cage if I’m out she can’t do those things with me otherwise I go for her. I am definitely a man’s bird, when Dave is here I will fly at Lou to attack her when I’m out. I haven’t ever shown any aggression towards Dave and love it when he gives me treats, scratches and attention. Lou lives here on her own in the week and I don’t fly at her then it’s only when Dave is around. I am going to need a home where my environment can be managed to eradicate my aggressive ways, my triggers are women if there is a man in the house, other birds, I think I would do best with no young children or if you have as long as they are kept away from me it should be fine. It’s ok if you have other birds in the house, I don’t mind hearing them but I get jealous of them if I can see you giving them attention. If my environment is managed correctly there won’t be an issue. I am not loud, I don’t scream and shout, I do swear though! I am an entertaining, chatty chap who has lots of energy. If I love you I am no trouble at all, I mainly just stay on my cage keeping myself busy or sleeping.


Training: Lou was working on clicker training me so I could be target trained, the clicker has been charged so I know the sound means yummy pine nuts but that’s as far as we have got because I have bonded to Dave so I no longer take treats from her nicely but she says she is going to persevere. She wanted to teach me to step up but that is never going to happen now I don’t think but for my new Dad I will if he teaches me. Lou uses Pine nuts with the clicker and I love them. I also love cashews, walnuts and pistachios so you could use these to help train me.


Diet: I love food, for the fresh stuff I’m being converted onto chop here, I love Tidymix and AS30. I eat Hagen Harri Tropican pellets, Nutriberries, nuts, I am pretty good with food and eating what’s good for me.


Enrichment: I love to play with my toys, specifically wooden ones. I love to chew cardboard boxes and paper, Lou will hide nuts in paper for me to find. I love the willow branches she cable ties to the cage for me to chew. I like to forage, Lou gives me a buffet ball with Nutriberries in which I like, she weaves cabbage leafs and the like through the bars of my cage, I love to shred.


Summary: Buddy ideally needs a man to call his own, he needs to be in a room by himself, he keeps himself occupied and busy as long as you provide him with things to do so. He would benefit from a confident handler who can work with him however this isn’t imperative as he is happy just to be and is easy to get back in his cage. He loves interaction and won’t be aggressive in the right environment, as long as you avoid his triggers. He will keep you entertained and has an infectious personality, he is so loveable and funny and a complete joy, even though he doesn’t like me as much as Dave I adore him and know you will to.


Location: Wales

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