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Hi, I’m Buddy

PP number: PP1285


Name: Buddy


Species: Orange Winged Amazon


Adoption fee: £300



Hi my name is Buddy, in a very handsome bird with amazing colours on my feathers.



I lived with a nice couple who made the hard decision to find me a new home as they couldn’t give me the time I needed any more.


Current Presentation:

I am a fully feathered young handsome boy, I can fly but sometimes I would rather not haha



I am still very young, so any training will be met with gusto and I will try anything. I have learned to step up and down with my safehouse people and enjoyed the training.



I am currently eating AS30 plus lots of fruit and veggies, I specially like peppers. as soon as my food comes to my cage I dive right in and enjoy it all.



I enjoy chewing some cardboard, so plenty boxes and toys that I can chew. I didn’t really have many toys to choose from at my previous home so I haven’t really shown any preference to what I like yet. So please provide me with a wide variety so I can choose.

I would love to try foraging as I’m quite nosy and like to see what is inside bags and boxes.



Buddy is an absolute pleasure to safe house, he is a quiet little fella who has no preference to either male or female.

He makes some lovely little sounds, and can imitate the phone when you go out the room.

Buddy didn’t get much time out of his cage in his previous home, so since being here, he has found that he enjoys the freedom of not being locked in his cage. He will fly but only if he has to.

Buddy will accept head tickles from anyone. He is a lovely friendly little fella and will make a fantastic addition to any home.

He is not phased at all with dogs sniffing round his cage when he is locked safely inside.

If you think you can offer Buddy the home he very much deserves, the please don’t hesitate to apply for him. You will not be disappointed.



 Location:  Dudley

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