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Hi, I’m Bubbles

PP number: PP1438


Name: Bubbles


Species: Orange-Winged Amazon


Adoption fee: £300


Cage Supplied: Yes, but could do with a new one



Hi, I’m Bubbles, a friendly Orange-Winged Amazon parrot. I am a gentle, sweet bird who likes to sit on shoulders and chatter away. I’m easy-going and would like a home with a routine and a loving family.



I have come into the charity through no fault of my own. Not much is known about my past.


Current Presentation:

I am in supreme health and am fully feathered. I have beautiful bright eyes.



I have been learning to step up in my safehouse but haven’t quite grasped it yet, but with ongoing training I’m sure I will get there. I will currently step onto a hand but will usually fly away quickly.



I am now on a diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as J&J lean and fit seed mix and I seem to be enjoying it.



I love a shoulder to sit on, watching the world go by, and flying around the room. I am great at flying and will make use of any space I am in.



Bubbles is a delightful bird, a real joy to safe house. She loves everyone and does well with a fixed daily routine. She eats well and her favourite food currently is grapes and Apples. She appears in good health and is fully feathered. She has no problems with other birds in the house and generally minds her own business. She has no problems with children or adults, in fact, any attention she gets, she loves! She’s very sweet, happily sits on shoulders, and chatters away. She blows kisses when you ask for a kiss, makes various siren noises, blissful chirps, and has been heard saying hello. She isn’t cage territorial and happy for hands to go on into her cage and reach for bowls. When Bubbles initially came to us, she didn’t like a shower at all, but now after building up with gentle mists and a calm voice, she now loves a shower.

Overall, Bubbles is an exceptionally friendly Amazon who is happy in company so would suit a family where she can get the time and attention she needs to thrive, and can keep to a consistent routine.  She’s very easy to please; whoever snaps her up will feel truly blessed!


Location: Romsey, Hampshire

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