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Hi, I’m Bubba

PP number: PP1248


Names: Bubba


Species: Indian Ring Neck


Adoption fee: £50




Hi, I’m Bubba. I’m a beautiful Indian Ring Neck who is fully feathered.


My previous owners had me for around 2 years and I’ve been in my cage for most of that time as if my owners let me out they couldn’t get me back in my cage very easily. It’s likely that I may have been an aviary bird before this.


Current Presentation:

Bubba is a very nervous bird who does not like people too close to her. She gets scared
easily and will hang on to the back of her cage as far away from anyone as she can.



My safe house has been working with me to try and get closer to me, but this is a slow process. Bubba will need extensive ongoing training.



Bubba has been converted from a bad diet to Harrisons pellets. She also enjoys her fresh food and will try new foods.



I have lots of toys in my cage, but I don’t really play with them that much. I like sitting on my
hoops and watching people (as long as they don’t get too close). I also enjoy hopping from
perch to perch.



Bubba is a beautiful looking bird who needs someone who has a lot of time to put in with her if they want to tame her or someone with an aviary. Bubba shows a lot of interest in the other birds in the safehouse. Bubba is a fairly quiet bird unless she is scared and then she lets you know to back off by shouting at you. She enjoys her food and is always willing to try something new. Bubba does enjoy time out of the cage flying around, but she will only go back in on her own terms. Bubba responds better to females who are able to get closer to her than males. Bubba would thrive in an environment with other birds and someone who has the time to train me.

Location: Stafford

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