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Hi, I’m Bruce

PP number: PP1263


Name: Bruce


Species: Blue Fronted Amazon


Adoption fee: £300





Hi, my name is Bruce. I am a gorgeous baby Blue Front Amazon. I am a 15 months old male.



Bruce has lived with her family since she was a few months old. Due to not being able to care for her needs any longer they have decided to hand her to the charity.


Current Presentation:

Bruce is a fully feathered, flighted Amazon. He is absolutely stunning and has some beautiful colours.




Bruce is currently learning how to step up which he seems to be getting the hang of. He will need to learn the basics but he is more than capable. He loves treats so this will definitely help! He is also taking to hands a lot more so lots of training is needed ongoing and without a doubt will eventually become a little snuggle monster.




Bruce will eat anything! He’s currently on J&J lean and fit and eats his vegetables and fruit in the form of a chop. But will also eat his veggies and fruit in larger chunks. He’s not a fussy boy at all. His favourite seems to be red peppers and apples.




Bruce has lots and lots of toys and is very playful. He loves to swing on his hoop we have hanging from the ceiling. His favourite toys are his bells which he loves to swing off. He is still a baby and needs to be kept very busy with new exciting toys. We have introduced boxes which seem to keep him busy. He also has a huge play stand which will come with him and will need a ceiling play hoop and ropes as this is what he is use to. Bruce loves to fly and spread his wings so he will need lots of space to do this also.




Bruce is a sweet natured boy who needs to learn boundaries as he is only still a baby. He loves interaction with people both young and old. He will take to anyone so has no preference at all. He is very inquisitive and likes to be with you wherever you go and will fly around looking for you if he cannot see you. He is very independent also and will play on his play stand and with his toys quite happily on his own. He settles into routine very well and is covered at night-time with no fuss whatsoever. He loves talking to other birds and has shown great interest with them so would really enjoy the company of other birds. He is still very young so will be very capable of learning new things. He is always on the go and has lots of energy to burn so freedom is a must for him. He isn’t aggressive at all but will nibble your fingers and test his boundaries if allowed. He needs someone with a lot of time on their hands to help bring out his full potential. He does talk and sing and is learning new words constantly. He does love to hear his own voice so can be noisy at times but no more than any other Amazon. Bruce doesn’t scream for attention and is quite happy to play on his own in the day. He doesn’t mind other animals and birds either. He will need a home where he will have as much freedom to fly as possible and needs his very own play corner for his play stand and ceiling gym He would make an excellent addition to any family and with continued training he will thrive. He has calmed a lot since being with his other safehouse Amazons so would need other birds aroud for him to interact with.  If you feel you have the time to nurture this little fella please apply!!

Location:  Doncaster

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