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Hi, I’m Bonny

PP number: PP1236


Name: Bonny


Species: Albino Monk Parakeet


Adoption fee: £125




Hi, Bonny here. I am a beautiful albino monk parakeet. I am a fantastic flyer and I need a forever home.


I have been given to Problem Parrots through no fault of my own. I was rescued from a difficult situation by kind people who got me to safety but knew I needed to go to a charity where people understood my needs. I am very happy they did!


Current Presentation:
When I arrived I was a bit nervous, but I have a rainbow swing bridge which I love so much which has always been with me, and after a day I was back on it swinging away.
I can be very vocal as you would expect with a parakeet, especially if I would like attention, and also whilst you are giving me attention…. my SH mum thinks I said hello the other day… but she cannot be sure and I have not said anything since. I take treats if they are offered to me, but I do snatch them as I am still a bit nervous, but I do it so I do not get your fingers. I fly around, I am very good at flying and I am very fast so you will need to make sure there are no open windows or doors.
I follow my SH Mum when she is cleaning, although I do not fly on to her (in his/her previous home it was reported that he/she did like to land on the carers, this has not happened as yet, but in time I believe it will). I won’t come for touches, that’s far too scary at the moment, but I am very confident so it’s just a matter of time My SH Mum makes fresh chop every morning with a seed mix, I think it’s very tasty, especially when I eat other peoples. This leads me on nicely to my SH brother and sister, they are African Greys… and they don’t scare me! I eat out of their bowls when they are not looking, and I often eat out of my SH sisters bowl when she is right next to it… its OK, cause I am very fast at flying away. I like being with the other birds, sometimes I can set them all off parakeet calling with me.


I need to be in a home long enough to feel confident with you and trust you. I will then be ready for training.


I eat a AS30 and veg chop.


I love playing with my toys and tearing paper. I love being the centre of attention, I will play lots and lots if I have an audience and I am making them laugh.


I would like to have a forever home with another little bird to have as a friend, and with a Mum/Dad who will spend time with me building my confidence. In return, I will show off and make you laugh, and in time be able to be handled.


 Location: East Sussex

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