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Hi, I’m Bongo

PP number: PP1356


Name: Bongo


Species: Alexandrine Parakeet


Adoption fee:  £175



I’m Bongo, a beautiful Alexandrine Parakeet looking for my forever home. I am a gorgeous girl who is around four or five years old. I am a lovely bird and I have a huge personality – I know what I want and what I don’t want!  I enjoy a lot of time out of my cage and am out of the cage for most of the day.  I enjoy flying and will land on anything high up that looks like it is chewable!  Anything wooden is particularly enjoyable and picture frames have been items of choice!



I came into the charity through no fault of my own.


Current Presentation:

I am a beautiful, feather-perfect parrot. I love having a shower and will hang upside down in my cage with my wings extended for you to get all the hard to reach bits! I am very proud of my plumage and spend a lot of time preening and bathing.



My safehouse has introduced me to clicker training and this has been very successful. I enjoy following a target stick because I get a treat! I will step up onto a stick most of the time for a treat and will step up onto an arm on my own terms. I can be nippy if I’m in the mood to be, however, so watch out for that; I love putting holes in the sleeves of whatever you’re wearing, think of it as a free clothes-distressing service!



I enjoy various fruits and vegetables and get a good daily variety as well as AS30 seed mix. I like my fruit & veg in larger pieces rather than chopped fine. My favourite is anything sweet and juicy and I love sucking the juice out while you hold it – I much prefer you to stand and hand feed fruit to me rather than leave me to get it myself.



I love anything I can chew and get my beak around! I love shredding egg boxes, wooden toys, newspapers and everything I’m not allowed to chew. I will need plenty of toys and boxes to keep me occupied unless you want your wallpaper stripping; I will do a great job of that!



Bongo is usually a quiet bird – she has a noisy time in the morning when she likes to fly around the kitchen and sometimes again in the evening – it is quite ear-piercing if you are nearby! Otherwise, though, she makes some lovely little chirping noises and purrs when she sees us.

Bongo is great fun to have around and enjoys a lot of company.  She responds well when you interact with her and is very entertaining.  She enjoys toys – these need replacing regularly as anything wooden is chewed and destroyed within a week or so! She particularly loves parrot toys that include those little paper sticks and she spends hours unwrapping them with her tongue!  Fortunately, she also enjoys a good cardboard box to chew which keeps the cost down a bit!

Bongo has discovered that she loves a cuddle and will let the man of the house tickle and hold her. She’ll climb up his arm and sit on his shoulder – she is intrigued by his glasses!  She will take treats from other members of the safehouse family but needs encouragement to develop her trust. She has a good routine of getting up around 7am and going to bed around 9pm and she steps up easily onto a stick to go to bed.

Since being with us we do think bongo has a slight preference towards men. She is fine with females around but she tends to interact more with men. Bongo will be a fab bird for someone who has plenty of time to spend with her and give her the love she deserves. So, what are you waiting for? If you think you could offer Bongo her forever home, please click the apply button below!


Location: Winnington, Cheshire

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