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Hi, I’m Bongo

PP number: PP1356


Name: Bongo


Species: Alexandine


Adoption fee:  175



Bongo is a beautiful girl. She seems happy and content. She does a wonderful impression of a car alarm! She whistles and squawks and has started to impersonate our dog. She likes to climb out of her cage and hang out on the top then take off for a fly and explore.



Bongo came in threw no fault of her own.


Current Presentation

She seems happier now , feathers are looking better and diet. We are working with her lots so she gains trust she would benefit from target training .



Bongo seems cage territorial and is reluctant to step up whilst inside. Once she’s outside of her cage she will step up onto my hand or a stick. She’s happy to take food out of my hand when presented to her inside the cage. She’s not happy to receive contact to her body currently.



A mixture of tidy mix , nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit and vegetables.



She like to shred anything, toys or paper etc.

So she has boxes, shredding toys and lots of paper or anything she can shred to have fun with , we hide nuts here too.



overall bongo is a lovely girl, she will happily step up outside of her cage..

In her previous home she had no interaction, so were taking things slow and she is doing really well

She isn’t loud or destructive and she has no preference to male or female and doesn’t mind children.



Location: Northwich

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