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Hi, I’m Bobby

PP number: PP1232


Name: Bobby


Species: Cockatiel


Adoption fee: £30





Bobby has no real gender preference she will poop on anyone.



She lived with an older lady who unfortunately could no longer care for her.


Current Presentation:

I live happily with my S/H parents and most of the day I am sat on my cage, but I also like flying around and annoying the resident Black Headed Caique shredding paper is my pleasure.


I use to step up but my owner did not carry-on with my training. I will step up but not on hands this is ongoing training but it is taking time.



My diet is a cockatiel mix, I also like cuttle fish and fruit bars but my favourite is millet. I will try fresh fruit and veg.



I have various toys but don’t much care for them.



S/H mum reckons I’m a spoiled brat I do things in my own time and she doesn’t think discipline was a big part of my life. I am quite happy and settled at the moment but I am not a noisy bird. S/H mum says it’s unusual as the cockatiels she knew where very vocal. I am trying fresh fruit and veg but I don’t like it in my bowl I prefer to eat off the coffee
table always on the go. My S/h people try to touch me but I just give them the beak, although this does not stop them trying. I am a sweet girl and just want a home with another younger bird I can make friends with. Resident bird where I live does not seem to want to be friends.


 Location:  Horwich

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