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Hi, Bob

PP number: PP1149


Name: Bob


Species: CAG


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: CITES





Hi, my name is Bob and I am a lovely gentle African Grey with loads of love to give. I am gentle with all members of the family and I get on well with other birds. I am looking for a lovely forever home where I can be out as much as I can be as I love to sit on top of my cage and play on the floor. I do not like being stuck in my cage and will chew the bars if I want to get out!


History / Background
Bob has been in the charity before and was handed back due to personal reasons by the adopter.


Current Presentation
Bob has plucked his wing tips and his chest. I do not believe these feathers will grow back over time unfortunately. Bob also has an enlarged nare which I can only assume is due to an infection at some point in his life. Bob has red factor in a number of places but is otherwise healthy.


I am trying to get Bob to step up at the moment. He does not want to do this on either a stick or hand currently. Bob is very placid and will not bite if picked up. Whilst he has been here for only a few weeks, he has picked up a few words and whistles from the other birds in the house.


Bob is currently on a swapped out mix of Zupreem and Harrisons pellets. His diet is supplemented with fresh vegetables daily, fruit on occasion and nuts and seeds whilst training. He isn’t particularly picky with what he eats but he definitely has his favourites.


Bob loves to wander around on the floor and chase the other birds around the room. He will pick up and play with anything so I have an array of toys scattered around the room on the floor and on the cages for him to investigate. Bob loves to forage on the floor so I like to play hide and seek with treats with him. He will happily keep himself occupied and will come over for tickles when he feels like it. Bob loves nothing more than to shread paper and cardboard so I have plenty of it in and out of his cage for him to keep himself entertained when I am not around.

Bob is a gentle soul, he has not made any aggressive moves or even looked upset since he has been in the safehouse. Bob can be picked up if necessary and will not complain about it.

He loves to play and enjoys interacting with other birds as well as his human companions, he loves nothing more than having a tickle whilst watching TV in the corner of his eye.

Bob has been out in the aviary and in the bird room with the other birds, he generally keeps himself to himself and doesn’t bother the other birds. He loves to interact with them and copy their whistles while also attempting to copy some of the words they use.

Bobs vocabulary isn’t huge. I believe however he has watched a lot of football in his live as he constantly makes referees whistle noises and says “we’ve won”. Since being in my safehouse he has learnt to respond with a wolf whistle when I whistle in a certain way and he appears to be trying to learn and communicate as he goes.
Bob loves to forage and play on the floor but appears to always go back to his cage to poop. He keeps himself clean and bathes himself when the water is changed.


Location: Warrington

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