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Hi, I’m Bob

PP number: PP1135


Name: Bob


Species: Senegal


Adoption fee: £225




Hello everyone let me introduce myself my names Bob I am a beautiful lil bird with loads of character. I came into problem parrots through no fault of my own. At my safehouse there  is mum, dad, a very quiet dog who I only see in evenings once mum shuts my cage door, but he doesn’t bother me at all. There are also some very noisy birds in the bird room which I really don’t like being around so now I’m in the lounge in front of the window where I love to watch out , its great being in the lounge as I get loads of human attention. I love everybody and will step up for mum & dad, they say I’m a very cheeky boy with loads of character. My cage door is opened 8am every morning  until bedtime at 8pm. I have come out my cage a couple times and sat up on top of my cage enjoying my boxes & foraging trays mum makes me. My favourite toy inside the cage is my swing mum had to replace perch part as id chewed it. I can be noisy but what parrots isn’t. I love my fresh veg & fruit, I also love being sprayed but will also bath in my water bowl mum says this is disgusting as I drink that so she has brought me my own bird bath for my cage which I feel like a prince now. I wake up at 8am and bedtime is 8 pm, everything is routine here mum says this is best.


Current Presentation:

Bob is an amazing bird full of character, he has settled in safehouse really well and hasn’t shown any preference to male or female, he has met young children and doesn’t seem bothered about them if they are calm around him, Bob doesn’t like a lot of people around him at one time. Bob has his cage door open all day and chooses to come in and out as he wants to. Bob can be noisy but he has a great character. Bob loves his toys but his favourite of all is his swing he also enjoys foraging. Bob eats veg & fruit, bananas, grapes are his favourite of all.



At present : Bob steps up when asked. Encouraging to leave top of cage when out by using clicker training which is going really well.



Fresh veg & Fruit, AS30 seed mix



Plenty toys, different sized / texture perches, loves small cardboard box with treats hidden inside, foraging tray,  time out of cage, ropes, loather wood to chew, foraging wheel, bird bath



Bob is an amazing bird to have around with loads of character, his wasn’t  sure of being out his cage but this is improving he will happily come out but stays on top of cage playing with his foraging tray & cardboard boxes. Always steps up when asked, loves human cuddles



Location: South Wales 

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