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Hi, I’m Bob

PP number: PP1135


Name: Bob


Species: Senegal


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £100





Hi everyone! My names bob and I’m a 15 year old male Senegal. I’m very handsome as you can see.

I came into Problem Parrots due to a relationship breakdown and they couldn’t look after me any more.

Current presentation
I’m a handsome little fella, I don’t really pluck my feathers and love a good fly around.


I’m happy to learn new things and will watch you very closely. The best way to get me to learn anything new is to bribe me with food, I will eat anything.


When I first got to my safehouse I wasn’t very health conscious, I wasn’t a big fan of fruits and veg but now I eat anything and everything love apple and greens.


I do have my own cage and it’s a very big one, I also really like having cardboard boxes to chew up. My safe house mummy has made me some cool chewy toys for my cage which I love.


I am tolerant of the small human things in my safehouse but I’m always to be watched very closely and my body language monitored with them because I’m small and quick too nip.
I don’t mind other birds but would prefer to live with larger ones, not sure about smaller ones.
I am a Senegal and I can be noisy when I want, but this isn’t very often, I do listen too what you say too me and I repeat it back.
I am looking for a home with a male as the main Carer, I may also adapt too the women in the equation but again I should be watched because I am liable to bite the women.
Whoever meets me says I’m a gorgeous boy and I’m just waiting for my forever family to come along so I can sweep them off their feet. Are you right for me?


 Location: Kent

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